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8 Awesome Robots You Can Buy Today!


When I was a kid, I really wanted to have my own robot after watching all those cool cartoons in the 90’s. Who could’ve thought that in 20 years I’d be able to afford an actual “living, breathing” robot? Pretty amazing that nowadays robots are everywhere, you just don’t usually think of them as those kinds of robots. For example, every modern factory has hundreds of machines doing different tasks but those aren’t the cool sentient bots that can transform into trucks. Lucky for us, there are still visionaries who want to create friendly robots with faces, emotions, and tiny little hands… that hopefully are too tiny to hold a gun or a knife.


Whether it’s a helper bot, a cute companion or a programmable educational toy, they’re all available in stores right now and you should totally buy one today!



1. Sony Aibo
Who’s a cute robo-doggo? Yes you are! Oh, yes you are!



2. Jibo
– Open the bathroom doors, Jibo.
– I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.



3. Pepper
Do you think Pepper voted for Hillary or Trump? The answer is… “all right”. Damn those smart robots.

4. Buddy
Is there anything Buddy can’t do? Yes, there’s one very important thing it can’t do – stab you in your sleep. And I’m very glad this function is unavailable.



5. Anki Cozmo
Probably one of the cutest robots on this list. Look at those faces it makes, awww!



Wanna play a perfect prank on someone with arachnophobia? Pick up HEXA!

7. Big-I
Ever wanted a walking, talking trashcan as a friend? Now’s your chance to buy one! I kid, I kid, it’s pretty amazing for its size, and whenever you feel lovely – you’ll have instant company!



8. LEGO MindStorms EV3
And for the grand finale, we have Lego MindStorm! By now, you know that some talented people can make jaw-dropping Lego sculptures already, so what would happen if you add a bucket-load of engineering and robotics to that? You’d get Lego MindStorm. I swear, if I had a few millions to spare I’d buy these things for schools and colleges.