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14 Tech Gadgets Ripped Straight From The Future


People love buying all sorts of useful (and not really) devices. Some of those gadgets make our lives easier, others – just a little bit more enjoyable. And that’s modern tech I’m talking about, but what about the future? What will our flat screen TVs and smartphones will look like in 100 years? I have no idea, but judging from these particular concept images, I can tell for sure that I’m gonna start feeling old very quickly.


Here are 14 tech gadgets ripped straight from the future!



1. Not just any ordinary pen but a 3D pen! You can draw, or rather build, anything you want now!



2. Have you ever wondered how sound… looks? Well, maybe this speaker will help! You’ll be literally touching music.



3. Remember the good old instant Kodak cameras? Well, this is an Instagram camera that can print out your photos. I think, at least.


4. With this floating sofa your downstairs neighbors will never know you’re jumping on your bed!



5. The future is now! Or, it will be here soon… It’s a nifty little machine from FoldiMate that folds your shirts.

6. This is a levitating piece of metal that will be used for displaying jewelry or something equally small.



7. This gadget wouldn’t be on this list if it were just a regular old hanger for your towels. Not only does it dry wet cloths, it can also disinfect them!



8. Okay, tell me why a transparent TV screen is a good idea? Maybe I’m just old.


9. This is how you nail a smart watch design.



10. So, according to the specs, this should be a fridge that uses biopolymer gel to keep the food chill and tasty, but… what about products with opened packages or fruits and veggies? Will they be covered in gel? Won’t the gel get all funky? Those are the questions that keep me awake at night.

11. Looks like this is some sort of a pain relieving gizmo from the future.



12. I always wanted to know just how much my cats don’t care about me and this animal-to-human translator doohickey will be very helpful for that.


13. Not everything is supposed to be smart and high-tech in the future, sometimes heated socks are all you need.



14. This gadget is truly something else. It allows you to transcribe your singing into a score on-the-fly! Tell me that’s not innovative.