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8 Stress Relieving Tech Devices You Need to Buy ASAP



From Fidget Cube to BiOrbAIR terrarium, these stress relieving devices will calm you and help you focus.



1.Fidget Cube
Remember the fidget spinner craze? This fidget cube a Kickstarter project from designers Mark and Matthew Mclachlan will ease the stresses of modern life whilst you solve its mini puzzles. Each of the six sides has something to fidget with: click, glide, roll or flip. One side even takes its inspiration from the old worry stones easing anxiety as you fiddle!


2. The BiOrbAIR Terrarium
Why not ease the stress with some greenery? The biOrbAIR terrarium will certainly provide calm and relaxation to any environment. If your surrounding area lacks a park or countryside this surely is the next best thing.
Yes, the price tag is high but the orb is full of tech that takes care of your plants without you having to worry about them. The orb creates a perfect microclimate allowing you to grow tropical plants all in your personal space. You know you want this…



3. Sona
You’ve seen wearable gadgets before, right? Well, this one focuses on stress relief, not exercise. With 5 meditation sessions to help you focus and calm yourself, it’s perfect for a quick hit of stress relief during those high-stress times. Of course, it also keeps track of your heart rate and any physical activity you do to measure your stress levels.


4. Prana
Do you work at a desk? Want to improve your posture? Prana is your answer… Not only does it track stress levels, but this brilliant piece of tech also notifies you when you need to improve your posture. Helping you combat stress by correct diaphragmatic breathing, in no time at all you will feel the stress float away.


5. Muse
Many of us have already tried meditation of some kind, in the form of one of the many apps available or through other mediums, they are all difficult to stick to, right? Maybe you get distracted or find it hard to follow the routine…


This nifty tech in the form of a headband uses brain sensing technology to determine the state of your mind. Calm or active, it provides sounds that guide you so you can stay focused. A calm mind is given peaceful weather sounds, while an active mind is given more intense weather sounds, guiding you back to a state of calm.



6. Spire
Feelings of stress are best managed by breathing techniques. Spire is your perfect companion, monitoring your breathing and letting you know when you become tense. The more you use it the more you will learn what makes you calm and focused and what makes you stressed or agitated. Spire clips onto your belt or like, it can also be programmed to notify you during times of inactivity, advising you to move.


7. Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball
This great stressbuster will help release your inner calm by squeezing the tension away. Much better than the cheaper stress balls on the market it will hold up to any number of high-stress torture.



8. Svet Light Bulb
Artificial bright lighting is well known to cause and alleviate stress. This high tech bulb promises to mimic natural light. Any surrounding can be de-stressed with this bulb enabling you to stay relaxed, energised. Of course, it also 100% safe for your eyes.