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7 Surprising Virtual Reality Facts



We’ve all seen VR , usually via gaming. Playstations, XBoxes and PCs all offer headsets to take games to a new level. But did you know VR isn’t just for shoot ‘em ups or other games? Here are 7 other uses for VR.



1. VR isn’t just for gaming
Yes the experience of VR gaming is brilliant, some would say the best VR experience you can get.
Todays consoles have VR hardware and there are already many VR headsets available for gamers. However there are other uses for VR, Watching Movies and Sports via VR, Training courses (such as military), and Digital Sculpture are to name but a few other uses. VR has also been used in Courtrooms! We are sure that the uses for VR will only increase as our modern age advances.


2. A help for Anxiety
It is a common misconception that VR use is a cause of anxiety. Many first time VR users describe motion sickness and headaches for sure, but this is only because the mind at first thinks users are moving around when they are not.
Environments can be created via VR that can help relieve anxiety in many people. Eye tracking technology within the VR headset can monitor anxiety levels and as a result help decrease stress. This is already a leading treatment for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder. Patients with depression and many types of phobia can also be treated via VR,



3. Meditation
Many people meditate daily as a way to combat the stress and hectic schedules involved in modern life. There are countless apps for meditation on app marketplaces. VR can also be used for meditation helping keep the kind calm quiet and in particular peaceful.
VR mediation usually involves a headset that allows the user to see soothing spiritual images, whilst listening to calming music and voices. Many scientific studies have also found that a combination of VR and exercise can give better psychological benefits than mediation alone. Programs such as walking through calming forests via VR are a great example of how VR can improve meditation sessions for us all.


4. Medicine
Yes VR has also contributed to medicine, VR can be a powerful device for monitoring or controlling visual input to the brain. Tracking eye and gesture movements along with powerful biosensors allow doctors to measure brain and body response to the stimulus it receives. This can be a powerful tool for any diagnosis.
The first ever surgery with the help of VR was performed in 2016, demonstrating how VR can and will continue to be used in medicine. Surgeons are researching into how VR could be used to control very tiny machines performing delicate procedures during operations.



5. Space
VR is already being used in space, regulating and controlling robots on Mars. NASA uses VR to help astronauts train for experiences on several of its spacecraft. In the future Scientists could view and help navigate astronauts as they are in space, opening a new level for space exploration.


6. Engineering
Large car manufacturers including Jaguar, Renault, Peugeot, BMW and Ford already have VR centers. VR helps when decoding complex solutions and thus reduces car development time. VR can also be used to check for faults, weaknesses in car structures and many other design areas.

VR is also used in rail construction, in particular the design and planning processes.

Of course, VR can also be used to train engineers, marketeers and sales teams in any industry.



7. The Housing Market
VR is a powerful tool for the housing market. Buyers can view any property they are interested in buying at their own convenience, with no need to travel or keep an appointment. This saves time for estate agents and clients alike, of course saving money too.