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6 Gadgets Every Man Should Own


We all possess the essential wallet, key ring, and phone. But there are few more gadgets and gizmos that you may require that allow your day to day lifestyle with more ease of access. Here’s a short list of what you may need for yourself or rather treat yourself.



1. Lucca Bozzi Solar Wallet
Holding your cash, credit cards, and licenses may be just enough. But what about a solar panel that holds 10+ hours of battery and capable of charging your smartphone or any USB adaptive device.

2. Leatherman Tread Tempo
Flight friendly and responsive with 30 different capabilities and functions, this multi tool watch can be utilized for any issue that might just need a tight squeeze or pull. This resourceful multi tool is great for home improvement or handiwork (construction, carpentry, electrical) in addition to telling time at high altitudes and low depths.

3. KORE Track Belt
This track belt allows the wearer to interchange sizes without been cutting. It’s manufactured with hidden track that can be adjusted to preference. The belt buckle can also be customized and interchanged. Kore essentials also manufactures gun belts for a more professional appearance, while maintaining tactical reliability.

4. eTape Digital Tape Measure
If you forgot the length of the last thing you measured for the umphteenth time. Then fear not, this device is capable of giving accurate digital measurements. Saving you time and mitigating human error. The eTape can recall previous measurements in case you forgot how much 2×4 you need finish your home improvement.

5. LifeStraw
For the outdoorsmen, hikers, and those that want to detach from it all. The overdrive of adventure may have left you feeling dehydrated. You may have forgotten your water bottle or ran out of clean water. Well look no further, the LifeStraw allows you to intake clean and natural water. The filtration system eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and protozoa from getting sucked in and potentially saving your life if you’re lacking resources for survival.

6. Tile Slim
Couples rejoice! Those arguments and time wasted looking for that tablet, book, and wallet is over. The Tile slim can stick to most metallic surfaces and can fit conveniently in your wallet. It’s fitted with a bluetooth chip that can be registered with any smart device to locate the tile slim in case your essentials become lost or stolen.