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9 Inventions By Women That Changed The World



In a world full of technological advances, gadgets and devices to make life easier (or harder!) most of us assume many of these marvellous things were the work of men. That is not always the case women too have created brilliant inventions that bless our lives. Check out this list of Inventions created by women that changed the world.



1. Monopoly
We’ve all lost everything by landing on Mayfair in this super famous board game. Of course at some point everyone has played this game in one form or another. Responsible for many family arguments and in some cases board rag! Invented by Elizabeth Magie way back in 1904 originally named ‘The Landlord’s Game’. The game was originally intended to criticise capitalism in particular the many injustices that Elizabeth felt existed in the capitalist world she lived in. The game idea was stolen by Charles Darrow some 30 years after Elizabeth’s creation, Charles sold his idea to the Parker Brothers. Thankfully the Parker Brothers tracked down Elizabeth and paid her the sum of $500 for the game.


2. The Life Raft
A woman named Maria Beasely invented this life saver. It is said that she looked out at sea one day in 1882 and decided to end the death from shipping accidents. She took it upon herself to design and invent the life raft we know today that has surely saved many, many lives. Apparently she also invented a barrel making machine, ending up a very rich lady!



3. The Electric Refrigerator
Everytime you go to the fridge and take out something delicious think of Florence Parpart who invented this modern household necessity in 1914. In addition to this she also invented and patented an improved street cleaning machine which she marketed herself and successfully sold all across the USA.


4. The Computer Algorithm
Computers now are an everyday part of our lives, they run systems and companies, fly astronauts to space amongst many other much needed tasks. Did you know the very first computer programmer was a lady named Ada Lovelace? She worked with Charles Babbage, the inventor of the computer at London University in 1842. Her work was also crucial later on, helping Alan Turing produce the first modern computers during the 1940’s..


5. Closed-Circuit Television Security (CCTV)
In this modern world we are surrounded by CCTV cameras monitoring us and keeping us safe. This technology too was invented by a woman in 1969. She was disappointed in the slow response of Police Officers at the time and invented CCTV to help people keep themselves safe. The invention was the foundation for the home security and police investigations we know today.



6. The Medical Syringe
We’ve all had an injection of some kind in our lives right? The medical syringe, in particular one that could be operated with one hand was invented by a woman. Letiti Geer invented this well known and sometimes feared device in 1899.


7.The Ice Cream Maker
In 1843 a lady named Nancy Johnson invented a device to automatically make Ice Cream. She patented the invention, of course Ice Cream making machines are still used today in many companies and in our homes.


8. The Dishwasher
Josephine Cochrane invented the Dishwasher way back in 1887. A lady well ahead of her time she invented and marketed the machine to hotels. She also opened up her own factory to make the machines!



9.The Fire Escape
In 1887 a woman named Anna Connelly invented the fire escape as a way to help save lives in the event of a fire in buildings. Of course today every single building has a fire escape and a plan of escape in the event of a fire.