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10 Gadgets that have changed the way we live


We live in a world controlled by tech and gadgets. Everyone wants the latest gadget to improve their lives and impress friends. Some of these gadgets have changed the way we live on a massive level. Check out these 10 gadgets that have changed the way we live.
1. Smartphones
Do you remember a time before smartphones? It was only 20 years ago they started to become popular. Back then we just used them to make calls and send texts or picture messages, there was no data for internet, devices and cellular plans were expensive. Now you can run your whole life from them, buy, sell, blog, post, share and organise. In just 20 years our whole world has been transformed.

2. Wireless headphones
Remember unravelling the cord for your earphones every time you used them? Bluetooth or wireless headphones are now part of our lives. They are inexpensive and really convenient for daily life and exercise. No more struggling with wires or earphones that fall out as you work out!


3. Fitbit / Smart watches
Over the last few years fitness trackers have exploded, Fitbit lead the way. In the past nobody knew or even cared about steps, floors or how far they had walked in a day, today literally everyone is wearing a tracker of some sort to help them lose weight or stay fit.

4. Battery Packs
With all these portable devices some are bound to run out of battery at some point. Of course smartphone manufacturers are trying to design phones that have longer battery life than the others, but these charging packs can be carried with you and can recharge any devices on the go.

5. Smart Home Hubs
Remember writing shopping lists or writing on a kitchen board to remember stuff ? Today we have home hubs such as Alexa or Google Home. They turn off lights, adjust temperature, tell us the weather, read us recipes, remind us to do things, tell us facts , write our shopping lists, sing to us and much much more.

6. Smart home devices
You left the light on whilst you were away! We’ve all done it… These days smart light bulbs can be turned off by home hubs or smart phone apps. Heating can be adjusted or programmed to warm the house when you get close to home, smart plugs can be made to turn on any number of devices at a single tap, cameras can be used to talk to visitors at your door remotely. No longer do we need to remember to turn off lights or program heating in the cold weather or even miss a parcel!


7. Streaming TV
First came satellite TV, then there was Netflix! In the past you watched TV programmes live when they were aired. There was no way to record, pause, rewind if you missed a program you had to wait for a repeat! Today services such as Netflix offer a wide range of films and TV shows anywhere and anytime you want them.

8. GPS and Maps!
Not so long ago to drive or navigate to anywhere you needed a map. If you were walking and got lost you had to ask a person or even a Policeman! These days we all have GPS enabled devices in our pockets, to drive somewhere or find a house or building you just open your maps app and follow the route!

9. Tablets / eBooks
After the rise of the smartphone next came bigger devices called tablets!!! No longer do people go to the library or book shops , they download ebooks to tablets and kindles and read on the move. Hundreds of books on one device all fitting into a small bag. Tablets also offer a much bigger screens for a great game experience making the gameboy pretty much a thing of the past.


10 . Digital Cameras
Remember taking negatives to a photo shop to get photos printed? Albums full of photos? Today we take photos on the move with high quality cameras, share them to social media or print them onto a wide range of media formats using online services. You can even send a postcard from an app on your smartphone.