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7 Gadgets & Inventions that Could Save Our Planet


Everyday we hear about the impact humans and technology is making on the planet. Cars, factories and the excessive consumption of the Earth’s resources will only end in disaster. Inventors and high tech companies around the world are starting to focus on gadgets that can in fact help with this problem.

1. A green plastic made from plants that doesn’t pollute

Plastic is one of the main pollutants of the planet, never decomposing plastic is washed up on beaches and harms wildlife across the planet. Biology major and entrepreneur Kevin Kumala has invented a plastic made from a biodegradable material Cassava (which is a very cheap vegetable found in his home country of Indonesia). Inspired by watching dozens of people wearing ponchos on a rainy day – Kevin states that he was disgusted that each poncho would be worn a few times at most then thrown away, never to decompose.

Food packaging, ponchos and bags have already been made by his company launched in 2015, the company produces tons of products each day and looks set to expand massively.

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2. Salt water lamp

This invention is indeed pretty simple, yet it is highly effective in helping save our planet. A glass of water and two teaspoons of salt act as fuel for this lamp, helping it burn for an entire night. Of course the lamp also works with seawater meaning it can be used at sea or in remote destinations near the sea or a water source worldwide. Many households or families that constantly face life or long periods without electricity can benefit hugely from this invention.

Gadgets & Inventions that Could Save Our Planet | Salt Water Lamp | BrainBerries

3. Portable wind turbines

We’ve all seen those huge wind turbines that rotate as the wind turns them right? But did you know that there is an invention that makes such a gadget portable? Janulus a top innovation company based in Iceland have created this portable wind turbine that comes in four convenient sizes. The turbines named Trinity can charge all of your electric devices including smartphones and even electric cars! After you have charged just fold Trinity into a small size and pop it in your bag!

Gadgets & Inventions that Could Save Our Planet | Portable wind turbines | BrainBerries

4. Waterotor

This amazing water turbine uses a slow current of any water source to produce electricity. Claimed to produce 830 times more energy than a wind turbine, this small device can produce a huge amount of electricity 24 hours a day every day! This alternative to our planet killing fossil fuel generators surely has to be the future?

Gadgets & Inventions that Could Save Our Planet | Waterotor | BrainBerries

5. Waterseer

This superb invention allows literally anyone to have access to safe, clean drinking water without using any electricity or labour, it also does no damage to our environment whatsoever. The gadget extracts water from our atmosphere by harnessing a condensation process. It can collect up to 37 litres of water every day.

Gadgets & Inventions that Could Save Our Planet | Waterseer | BrainBerries

6. Transparent solar panels

Imagine a solar panel that is fully transparent, well it’s true a team at Michigan State University have invented a solar panel that is indeed transparent. These panels could replace windows and produce the electricity needed by each building they are installed in. The technology is said to work with any sheet of glass meaning in the future you could install one of these panels onto your smartphone screen and power it by the sun!

Gadgets & Inventions that Could Save Our Planet | Transparent solar panels | BrainBerries

7. The shower that kicks you out if you waste water

Yes we’ve all had long hot showers, but the water we waste is massive. Conserving water is one of the most important ways we can fight climate change. Our world grows drier by the day so we all have to try to use less water. This shower curtain will monitor how long you spend in the shower and if you stay in the shower for longer than 4 minutes air inflated spikes are triggered forcing you to get out!