Signs That May Prove You’re Lazy



If you’re wondering whether you’re lazy and need to do something about it, here’s a few pointers that might help you answer that question.



1. You text people you live with. Screw stairs, I’ll just use WhatsApp.


2. Procrastination is your way of living. No use in doing something today if you can do it tomorrow, right?



3. You have a huge collection of movies you’ve seen for no other reason than the remote being too far removed from the couch to switch to a different channel.


4. You drive around for hours to find a closer parking spot, because walking is overrated.



5. You skip numbers in lists to make it seem longer and hope nobody notices.


6. Your clean clothes stay in the dryer indefinitely and you’ll take what you need when you need it. Ironing is only for special occasions.


7. Everything is a bed to you.


8. Waiting for the next elevator makes more sense to you than using the stairs to go up one or two floors.



9. You’ll eat yesterday’s pizza leftovers without reheating them. Don’t pretend you don’t know you’re being lazy here, no one likes cold pizza better than the normal, hot variant.


10. You’ll use the same laziness trick twice, hoping it’ll at least work once.



11. You can hold your pee for hours due to you training yourself for years in the mystical art of not wanting to get up.


12. Appointments being cancelled makes you the happiest person on the planet.


13. Being late – even a few minutes – means it’s probably best to not go at all. I mean, it’d be impolite to show up late, right?


14. You’re probably the best person you know at finding an excuse to not do something. You’re right, you were planning on doing a 90 minute workout and the gym will only be open for another hour. Better go tomorrow and hope for the best!



15. You have too much stuff because you can’t be bothered to throw anything away.


16. You secretly either know or assume you’re lazy, but you’re too lazy to do something about it.