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Striking, Modern, and Incredible Furniture Designs | Brain Berries

Striking, Modern, and Incredible Furniture Designs

Everyone should have that one piece of furniture that draws all the attention in the room. A stylish lamp, a unique coffee table, a chair that looks like it arrived on a spaceship from 2095. While time travel (and space travel) aren’t possible at that scale (yet?), here are 10 striking, modern, and incredible furniture designs.

6 Most Picturesque Bridges in the World | Brain Berries

6 Most Picturesque Bridges in the World

Bridges are not just a safe way to get across a body of water or a deadly chasm, it’s also a symbol of unity. Man and nature, two lovers, land and water – you get the idea. It’s not just some architectural masterpiece… until it is. Some bridges look as if they weren’t meant to be walked on. But they look so spectacular!

The World’s Most Beautiful Ceilings

How often do you walk into a building and look at the ceiling? How often do you look up in general? No, I’m not criticizing you addiction to looking at our phones, but if that’s where you mind jumped to then maybe it’s worth thinking about.

An Architect has Designed a House that’s Carved Into a Rock

There are many creative things one can do with a home. There’s a very wide range of styles you can incorporate in your interior design. You can always spice your room up with some Hue lights. You can add plants. You can be adventurous and build a nice hipster cabin in the woods. However, whatever you do, it (unfortunately) will not surpass this amazing design of a house that is carved into a rock.

Top 7 Architectural Wonders of India

With India’s rich cultural background, it’s definitely one of the most mysterious and gorgeous countries in the world. And aside from food, customs, religion, language and all that good stuff, one thing you should not sleep on is India’s architecture.

The Best Design Hotels In The World

When you’re going on a city trip or a longer holiday, there’s a few important things you have to take care of so you can enjoy your holiday to the maximum. Food, tourist attractions to visit, and of course a proper place to sleep. A hotel that can be a part of your holiday pictures just as much as anything else. Let’s take a look at some cleverly designed hotels where you can spend your next city trip!

7 Architects That Changed The World

Architecture doesn’t really have the best reputation when it comes to art forms. It’s just making a house – it’s a cube with a triangular roof on top of it. Not exactly rocket science. Thankfully, some architects manage to actually do something unique that changes the world – or at least the world of architecture – forever. Let’s see who they are!