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This Ocean Wave Resin Table Is The Thing You Need In Your Life


Tables are usually quite a boring thing to have in your interior. It’s a flat surface, it’s usually a single color, and you match the color to fit with the rest of your interior. It’s never a centerpiece. You rarely walk into someone’s house and think “yeah, their house looked nice, but did you see that table! Oh gosh what a table that was!” It just doesn’t happen. Enter the resin ocean wave table.

Made out of epoxy resin and loads of patience, this table perfectly emulates the view of a wave crashing into the shore. You’ll have to provide the sound effects yourself, but the visuals are just like the real thing.

Be honest: we all know a friend that would see this table and just go absolutely crazy with jealousy that you have one and he or she doesn’t.

The way these tables are made is pretty simple, actually. The resin gets poured into parts of the wood that are cut away. You add color pigment as you please to make the resin look like whatever you want.

So yeah, these tables look like an ocean wave, but the same technique could be used to make your table look like lava or whatever you’d want. It’s not cheap to make, nor is it easy at first, but it’s sure to create a unique piece for your house that’ll stand out and turn some heads.

This specific ocean wave table was made by the artistic duo Rivka Wilkins and Jared Davis. Loads of layers of resin were used to emulate the effect of the wave, but don’t worry – you can do pretty amazing things with a lot less effort as well.

This specific table is for sale, naturally it’s not cheap, and it also comes with a matching bench so you can sit on an ocean wave without your backside getting wet. If that sounds like something you’re into, get yourself an ocean wave resin furniture set!