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14 Cool Fireplace Design Ideas To Take Your Home Interior To The Next Level



What can help you to make your grown-up apartment cozy? – A toasty fireplace!



1. A modern twist on a classic fireplace design. This simplistic yet very stylish fireplace will be a focal point in your living room.


2. Freestanding fireplaces are a recent trend as they have become safer and better engineered. A combination of black metal and a rounder shape make it a perfect fit in any modern home.


3. This one is a perfect choice if you prefer to snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy a nice movie.



4. If you have an open plan living area, this cool fireplace is a must. It adds a style and breaks down the color scheme in your living room.


5. Why not use an open shelf idea and create a fireplace directly in the wall? Less is more.


6. This fireplace is the feature point of the room and will make all of your friends envy you.


7. If you want to break your living space into zones, using a fireplace is a great option. This futuristic fireplace looks like an aquarium and is definitely a nice view with a glass of wine.


8. Black steel fireplaces are a new trend as they easily fit into any contemporary-style home.



9. A modern look for a traditional log burner with a separate storage for wood makes this fireplace a great addition to your home interior. If you want something simple but incredibly stylish, give it a go.


10. If you are bored of dark color shades, this circular fireplace is the right design choice. Using natural colours and materials adds sustainability to your interior.


11. If you prefer functionality and don’t want any bold statements, this fireplace is for you!


12. This floating fireplace is a mindblowing idea for a space with a great view. Also it will keep you warm in colder months.



13. Most wall based fireplaces have a standard shape that not many dare to change but this long horizontal fire feature adds cozyness to any interior. Just grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy yourself.


14. Stone decor is one of the interior solutions which rarely goes out of style. Building a stone fireplace in your living room will make it an art worthy piece.