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20 Perfectly Symmetrical Photos To Soothe Your Soul



Nature loves symmetry, so it’s no wonder most of its creations, including us humans, are rather symmetrical, like, mirror images of our better halves.


But if you look closely, you will realize that symmetry can be found in many man-made things around you. Just squint your eyes a little and boom! That house over there and the streets on the map are kinda symmetrical! Isn’t that awesome?


It can be very soothing to just stare at these perfect things for hours, so we decided to show you a selection of photos with a symmetrical composition that will hopefully bring you some inner balance and inspiration.



1. Why is this picture so satisfying?


2. It’s like a huge “first aid” icon.


3. Yup, that’s the Empire State building.


4. We should all look up more often. I bet there are more places like this in the world.



5. So mesmerizing… What is this magic?


6. That’s one perfect shot! Look at all those intersections.


7. Unreal – that’s the first word that comes to my mind.


8. Symmetry AND color? I’ll take two, please and thank you.


9. These reflective floors make everything look better.


10. Case in point!


11. I don’t know what or where this is but I’d love to go there one day.



12. Are you seeing the double-symmetry here?


13. More reflective floors? Okay, but this is getting less cool.


14. This shot sort of has an “odd symmetry” with the staircases.


15. If this is a real shot, which I doubt it is, it’s probably the rarest picture in the world.


16. Aerial photography is also great for demonstrating symmetry around us.


17. Completely different, yet still satisfying.



18. What a magnificent shot. The stars make it ten times more gorgeous!


19. The more I look at this photo, the more my head hurts.


20. The entire palace (or whatever this is) is incredibly symmetrical.