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An Architect has Designed a House that’s Carved Into a Rock


There are many creative things one can do with a home. There’s a very wide range of styles you can incorporate in your interior design. You can always spice your room up with some Hue lights. You can add plants. You can be adventurous and build a nice hipster cabin in the woods. However, whatever you do, it (unfortunately) will not surpass this amazing design of a house that is carved into a rock.
The architect of this amazing structure is Amey Kandalgaonkar. Amey is an architect and architectural photographer. His entire career involves around either creating or taking pictures of creative approaches to design and architecture. He studied architecture at the University College of London. Soon after he got his masters, he abandoned the idea of being a full-time architect and chose to pursue architectural photography instead.

Southeast Asia
Most of Amey Kandalgaonkar work is about/from houses and homes in China, India, and Southeast Asia. Although he doesn’t work on architectural projects anymore, he is available for hire if somebody in that region would like very well crafted, beautiful photographs of their homes. He specializes in both architectural photography and interior design photography.


A lot of this architect’s most famous work is concept based. Although all the structures he designs are architectural sound, not all of them are meant to be brought to life by real builders and construction workers. The concept for this House Inside a Rock project is nothing more than a very fancy idea. However, I’m sure sooner or later we might see this crazy idea brought into reality.

3D Design
The House Inside a Rock project is entirely fiction. Not only is the design of the house itself a 3D model, but the rock that was the house is in was also sculpted in a 3D-modeling software. Even though this fact might be disappointing to you, dear reader, consider how much work went into actually crafting a 3D model of a rock. Each bump, each concave surface, and each shadow had to be meticulously drawn inside the software suite.

Rock and Concrete
This House Inside a Rock project looks absolutely solid. Not only is it built inside a rock, it is also combining the rigid “interior” of the rock with thick, concrete slabs that support the floors and roof of the house. We were all impressed by the clever little pig that built its house out of brick in the famous tale, but even brick can be taken down with enough force. This House Inside a Rock, though? Yeah, I don’t think there’s a piece of machinery or natural disaster big enough to cause any significant damage to a house that’s this heavy and solid.


Other Projects
Other famous 3D Model projects of this architect include yet another house inside a rock, in addition to many concepts of houses built on cliffs or surrounded by other naturally occurring rock structures.

Loops and Spirals
Another famous concept from Amey Kandalgaonkar is a house that’s built on/around a rock with winding hallways and long corridors.

Chinese Pagodas
Yet another project from this prolific concept-artist/designer is a reimagined Chinese Pagoda. It combines traditional elements of Chinese architecture with integrated gardens, modern concrete and metal materials, and a whole lot of imagination.


Concrete Jungle
The photographers Instagram also features some very creative concepts with equally creative captions. This here, for example, is the artist’s interpretation of “Concrete Garden”.