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Lucky Colors For The Year of the Rat – Feng Shui for 2020


It’s almost a new year, which means the Chinese are somehow worshiping a different animal and we all have to change our interior decorating if we want to be Feng Shui in 2020. It rhymes, which is why it’s somehow cool now.

Let’s take a look at some colors that’ll really Feng Shui the living bajeezus out of your place in 2020. If that’s your thing.


Some lovely orange plants can add amazing character and accents to your house in 2020. They can probably do it in other years too. I don’t know, I’m not an interior decorator. I’m just someone who uses common sense.


Pink blossoms can add some amazing detail to your interior. They have a certain innocence about them and in Chinese culture pink plants can mean anything from steadfastness to resilience and perseverance. Neither of which is a bad thing to have.


It’s the year of the Rat, and “rat” sounds almost identical to “red”. I doubt there’s much more to it than that. I can’t get any more rhyming into this segment.


So you’re somehow acting surprised that a Chinese form of interior decorating promotes using red and yellow. It’s almost like they’re really fond of the colors of their flag. But yeah, apparently yellow (and especially yellow accents on red areas) are going to be a big Feng Shui thing in 2020.


White, much like pink, has a lot of positive connotations attached to it that liven up any living room. It’s certainly vibrant, but what really makes it shine is how it contrasts with other colors.


Blue usually signifies water, which is constantly flowing. This symbolizes change and progress. Having blue accents in your interior might facilitate progressing in life, or just doing something different.