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The World’s Most Wanted Ugly Tattoos by Malfeitona



Tattoo artists are usually people with background in art of design, but not Helena Fernandes. Like all normal people she loves doodling but the thing is, she’s kinda bad at it. I mean who am I to judge someone else’s art choices, but most of her scrabbles feel like they were drawn by a 6-year-old (no offense to any 6-year-olds reading this). You’d think who in their right minds would want to have an ugly ink that would stay on your body for decades?… Yeah, turns out a bunch of people are that crazy!



Let’s look at a bunch of Helena’s best/worst creations so far.









After going through her extensive art gallery on Instagram those lame doodles started to grow on me a little. Sure, they may not be anatomically correct, not even in her wildest dreams, but they have a unique “personality”, I suppose, for a lack of a better term. It’s very bizarre to see so many people be interested in getting their tattoo from Helena, but just like with every viral hit, it all started somewhere.








Her first client was her boyfriend, then their friends picked up on the “weird tattoo” vibe, then friends of their friends, and now the whole internet wants an original Malfeitona’s tattoo. I say, as always, “live and let live”. There’s ultimately no harm in these unprofessional doodles, so ink whatever you want, and good job on embracing your weirdness, Helena!