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Coffee Cup Left on the Game of Throne Immediately Turns Into a Meme! (Minor Spoilers)



The last season of the Game of Thrones has given us the entire spectrum of emotions, from feeling happy for the two love birds, to feeling sad and somewhat disappointed for the heroes slayed in the battle for Winterfell. At this point it’s probably okay to spoil episode 3 but we’ll do it as painless as possible, just in case you’re one of the few people who haven’t seen it yet. Still, there will be some minor spoilers, so watch out!


And so, episode 4 starts out almost at the exact place where we left off – burning the bodies of the soldiers killed by the White Walkers. Yes, Winterfell somehow survived. It’s a miracle! But actually, my guess is, this was all due to fresh coffee, helping the brave defenders to stay awake. I bet you didn’t know Winterfell had StarkBucks, huh? Yeah, yeah, I’m talking about the most recent GoT fail – a random coffee cup left on the table.


It’s kinda weird that after 2 years of shooting only 8 measly episodes we still get bloopers like this one. You can definitely tell someone was fired over little mishap (if they ever found whose cup this was, of course). To see this infamous cup for yourself, you’d need to skip to around 17:50 mark of the 5th episode titled “The Last of the Starks”. First time I watched this scene I was focused on Tormund, who by the by, in spite of all of his loyalty, drinking aptitude, and masterful flirting, could not get under Brienne’s armor. Tough luck, big guy!



Of course, the internet wouldn’t be what it is without thousands of people making memes about everything, including this Coffee Cup. It’s still early, but some pretty hilarious memes have already been made, like the one listing all of Dany’s titles. Even HBO themselves admitted that the latte was a mistake, because Daenerys had ordered a herbal tea. Love it or leave it!