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8 Weird Things Americans Do the Rest of the World Can’t Understand



Every country has its peculiarities and the United States of America is not an exception. Americans do have quite a few strange quirks that most of the non-US people don’t fully understand.
Let’s just jump into it!



1. People of Wallmart
Nowhere else in the world will you find such a vast array of unique individuals as in a local Wallmart. Just look at these people and what they’re wearing!


2. Black Friday Stampede
I understand how sales work, but what I don’t get is why a slightly cheaper flat screen TV is more important than being civilized. People have died in Black Friday stampedes. That’s crazy!



3. Obsession with Bacon
Need I say more? Bacon-flavored lip balm, bacon-flavored coke, bacon-flavored vodka… If you can think of something that has a taste or scent, there’s a bacon-flavored version of it 100%.


4. Flat Earth Society
Now, I may be wrong here, but the flat Earth movement has its roots in America, just like 80% of all stupid conspiracies. The Earth is round, people. It’s basic knowledge, and it’s been proven over and over and over and over again.


5. Anti-Vaxxers
This is possibly the reason for all the above-mentioned quirks, or it’s just a coincidence. Vaccines don’t make your kids autistic. Rather than reading stupid magazines and listening to celebrities, of all people, read a freaking research paper and vaccinate your poor baby before it’s too late.



6. The “How Are You?” Small Talk
Here’s an idea: if you don’t really want to hear how people are doing, don’t ask them this dumb question. Only in America this kind of small talk is acceptable. Anywhere else in the world you’d have to stay a while and listen.


7. Cheerleaders Everywhere
Can you think of another country that’s as obsessed with cheerleaders as the US? I can’t, and it scares me. It’s just a bunch of pretty girls in sexy skirts bending and twisting their bodies to the beats of the music… Well, I see nothing wrong with that. Let’s carry on!



8. Jumbo-Sized Everything
Fast food restaurants in America are a multi-billion-dollar business, and almost all of the chains have a Jumbo option in their menu. Why would you NOT want a double coke for the extra 50 cents? Even if you don’t finish it, you still feel good about making a wise purchase. In reality, you’re making a stupid decision, because even a small coke has more sugar than your daily recommended dose. Same goes for jumbo burgers, jumbo hot dogs, and jumbo anything else. Everything is cyclical, and so is this list, because all those jumbo-sized meals lead to obesity, which in turn leads to “wallmart people”. And so the cycle begins anew.