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7 Things You Should Never Say To A Bartender


Being a bartender is pretty rough sometimes. Just in case you want to go out for a drink next time and treat your bartender with some respect, here’s a couple of things you probably shouldn’t say or do.



“Can You Make It Extra Strong?”
Sure, for extra money. Alcohol is expensive, so don’t expect to get any freebies. Double the booze is double the dough.



“Hey, Over Here!” While Waving Money
The bartender expects you to have money. You’re going to order a drink for which you have to pay, after all. Waving your money around just makes you look like an incredible douchebag.

“I Know The Owner”
Knowing people isn’t a free pass to behave like a tool. In fact, if you really know the owner, I’ll bet he’d be pretty pissed to find out that one of his friends is making a scene in his business.

“Give Me Something That’s Good”
Water is good. If you’re not giving any more hints than “give me something”, expect to get water.

“Do You Have A Charger?”
Look, you’re at the bar, you’re here to drink. Charge your phone before you leave and stop pretending like you have to be available to everyone at every split second.

“Is This Your Real Job?”
No, your bartender is secretly a covert CIA agent who is trying to get information from a bunch of loud and drunk bargoers. We all know bartending is a typical job for people trying to make a little extra, but don’t assume things like that.

“Can You Store My Coat Behind The Bar?”
Probably not, at least I’ve never seen coat hangers behind a bar. Almost makes you think that it’s not a place to store clothing, doesn’t it?