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Top 21 Most Hilarious #10YearChallenge Memes


Coming out of the blue, the #10YearChallenge was meant to be used as an inspirational tool for people going into the new year. But, as it often happens, the meme lords took over the hashtag and turned it into something truly hilarious.


It all started out with people showing how they’ve changed in the past 10 years. Turns out our bodies were not the only things that changed! Nothing is safe from being featured in this challenge: celebrities, sports, movies, politics, technology – pretty much anything goes, as far as the internet is concerned. Here are the top 21 most hilarious #10YearChallenge memes!



1. Remember how families used to get together to play UNO or Monopoly? No more board games!



2. Well, that’s an obvious one.



3. Only 10 year challenge everyone need to care about.



4. This just made me sad all over again, but it had to be done. Life is more than just laughing at memes!

5. Now that is a #10yearchallenge. Be authentic to yourself!



6. Could not relate more even if I wanted to.



7. I wonder if this joke will still be relevant in 10 years. Or a 100.

8. No wonder his last name is Fury, I’d be furious too!



9. Can you connect the dots? First you need to know when the first Blade Runner takes place, and who that girl is.



10. This is uncanny! But where’s Morty?



11. Meme level – genius. So good I don’t even want to spoil it.

12. Some things never change, it seems.



13. How many rows can you read IRL? Let’s see who’s got 20/20 vision!



14. A sad truth about becoming a big boy or girl.

15. Could probably be even #1000yearchallenge.



16. The new Toblerone looks like a really old hair comb that’s lost some teeth.



17. Classy VS trashy: meme edition!



18. No news is good news, right? Wrong!

19. RGB is love. RGB is life…



20. And finally, here’s a picture of aunt May before and after Marvel took over. Need I say more?



21. Well done!