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Drake Lyrics On Cake Is A Thing Now


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that a rapper called Drake exists and he’s considered to be quite popular and good at his craft. He makes more money than I do, so I can only assume that that information is correct. Joy Wilson , a self-taught baker from New Orleans, decided it would be a good idea to put Drake lyrics on cakes. And mind you, this is hip hop lyrics we’re talking about, so not all of them are to be considered cake-friendly.


While you probably wouldn’t use these to make a cake when grandma comes over, it has a certain sense of humor to it and I think most people can appreciate that. Plus, it’s a cake. No one ever gets mad at cake. I’m not sure why she went for Drake – I’m guessing because it rhymes with “cake” – lyrics, but the train left the station a long time ago and we’re now just going along for the ride.


Joy created an entire Instagram page devoted to “Drake on Cake” and it can never hurt to follow it. I mean, even just looking at these amazing cakes – because they do look amazing – will make you instantly happier. You can’t eat them, but you can imagine eating them. That’s all the flavor and none of the carbs. Win-win.