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15 Smartest People on the Planet With IQ Over 5000!


Some people just go with the flow, others struggle heavily, but still end up somewhere down the river of life, and then there are those 0.5%, who are smart enough to understand what needs to be done and when. They are most likely visitors form the future, who are here to set us on the right path.


Naturally, it’s just a joke, so don’t go yelling at me that 5000 IQ is impossible to have, because as you’re about to see, not only is it possible, it’s also very much real!


Here are 15 smartest people on the planet!



1. The owner of this design is sending his regards all the way from 3019


2. Need a telescopic lens? Nah, just use your phone and a pair of binoculars!


3. I’ll bet you 10 bucks he’s sitting on a beach somewhere in that VR headset.



4. This is probably the only way to survive Sunday church.


5. He’s only one man, but his brain is unmatched.


6. Let’s see if this takes you less than two minutes to figure this one out.


7. If you run from this policeman, be prepared for the consequences.


8. Barbers from the future and the best!



9. We’re all are stuck in 2019, while this evil genius is on his way to Mars, probably!


10. That’s the only way to eat a whole box of cereal in one swoop.


11. I want to try this so badly, but I’m not a kid anymore…


12. No more cheating for these bros!


13. It’s the straw in the middle. Took me a good 20 seconds to get it.



14. This kid’s going places. Not Harvard, probably, but places.


15. And the last genius is super tech savvy. He’s probably from a far future, just visiting.