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10 World’s Strangest Vending Machines You Won’t Believe Exist



Back in the 1880’s first ever vending machines were giving out simple postcards of the streets of London but after 140 years of rapid industrial development, these machines have been transformed into boxes filled with all sorts of wondrous items. From cupcakes and pizza to live crabs and “used” panties. You can look that last one up at your own free time, because that’s just disgusting.


Here are 10 world’s strangest vending machines you won’t believe exist!



1. Pizza
For only $6 you can get yourself a freshly baked 10.5″ pizza straight from a vending machine!


2. Fresh Milk
Instead of going to the nearest farm to buy some fresh milk, now you can use some good old-fashioned “modern technology” called Mlekomat. In Slovenia you can get your fresh milk whenever you want.



3. Burgers
I don’t know why there are no such machines other than in Moscow, but this is bloody brilliant!


4. Art-O-Mat
When small artists don’t know how to sell their art, they can always turn to Clark Whittington, who started re-purposing old cigarette machines into brand-spanking new Art-o-Mats. Instead of deadly poisonous sticks, these VMs now give out small art pieces from local artists all over the US.


5. Live Lobsters
Remember the old “claw” machines where you could get a plush toy if you tried really hard? Same concept but the toys have been replaced by a tank with live lobsters. You pay $2, and if you catch one, the Tinoco’s Bistro (which managed this whole thing) would then cook it for you for free!


6. Bananas
Always-fresh bananas is not something you can find everywhere in Japan and these “banana dispensers” are a perfect way to bet your daily dose of delicious delicacies!



7. Fishing Bait
It’s hard to beat around the bush with something like fishing bait vending machine. It is what it says – it’s a machine that pukes out bait for your relaxing fishing trip, in case you forgot your minnows and maggots at home, and you have no idea that you can find all sorts of bugs and worms right under your feet.


8. Live Crabs
This machine sustains the temperature necessary for the crabs to hit the hibernation button, so all of them are basically sleeping when you’re throwing them into a pot. But who cares, it’s only $3.50 and you get vinegar plus ginger tea for free!


9. Books
Very simple and self-explanatory, but still kinda weird. Buying paper books like Oreos or Lays chips just feels wrong. But people in Singapore think otherwise. In the National Museum of Singapore you can find a vending machine filled with children’s books, graphic novels, and other literature.



10. Beer
Finally, my favorite vending machine – beer dispenser! It’s hot outside, the stores are closed, what do you do? That’s right, you pop a cold one right there on the street. Man, Japan always knows what’s up.