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20 Mind-Bending Ads That Will Make You Look Twice



Ads are everywhere these days. But great ads are a rare sight. Sometimes while strolling down the street you’ll suddenly stumble upon an image with some text, and you’ll think to yourself “man, what a clever ad”. Congrats, you’ve just been hooked! First impression is a huge deal when it comes to advertising. If the ad doesn’t catch your eye in the first 2 seconds, chances are you’re not the target audience.


Here is a mix of mind-bending product and PSA ads that will make you take a second look!



1. Use the frame to your advantage.


2. Cheapest lightsaber effect you can afford? Easy!


3. This is very creative, without a shadow of a doubt.


4. The colors will make your ad pop, plus the WTF factor.



5. Do you think those are real dollars in there?


6. I’ll leave this one for you to decode *wink-wink*


7. While this is a clever ad, did they have to ruin a perfectly fine park bench?


8. At least there are to chopped fingers. Now that would be a shock factor!


9. If this happens to you, you’re eating the Snickers all wrong.


10. Need a visual representation of what smoking does to your lungs?


11. Your pretty face is not worth their suffering.



12. You drink from the river then you turn around and spit into it. Who does that?


13. Don’t let some silly addiction ruin your life.


14. Dear lord, this is a powerful one.


15. If you don’t want to see the Red Rocket, you better neuter your doggo.


16. Would you kick a dog to score the goal?


17. Mm, what’s this new flavor… ocean plastic? I’ll pass.



18. Actually I would definitely care more if tunas looked like pandas.


19. Would be better if it said “you and 7 billion others disliked this”.


20. Becoming an organ donor should be the default option for everyone.