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7 Places That Are Good For Your Soul

Some places on our dear planet are even seemingly designed or created purely to give the people there some peace of mind. Let’s take a look at some calm and remote places that can heal your exhausted soul.

8 Most Fascinating Monasteries Of Ladakh

Ladakh is a truly unique place as it is packed with all kinds of beautiful temples, stupas, and monasteries. Perched high up in the mountains, surrounded by cold air and breathtaking scenery, the monasteries of Leh Ladakh seem to be out of this world.

Fire at the Notre-Dame Cathedral: a Brief Overview

Last night, the spire and the wooden roof of the Notre-Dame Cathedral got caught in a losing battle with its ultimate nemesis – blazing fire. In just a few minutes the fire spread all over the roof, eating everything flammable in its way, leaving millions of people watching this tragedy unfold in tears.

8 Most Colourful Cities in India

Wherever you go in India you’ll experience more colors than you’ve ever had in your life. From the pink walls of Jaipur to the ghats of Varanasi, we present you 8 most colourful places of India.

10 Richest States in India 2019

One of the largest nations and democracies of all time, India is an amalgamation of beautiful landmasses, each with their own cultures and economies. And as the nation is growing, so are these individual states. But since the growth among them is not always equal, we’ve have charted out the top 10 that currently have the best running economical position.

The Most Famous Clock Towers In The World

Clock towers are amazing feats of architecture. They’re built to be looked at – hence the big clock on them – and they’ll usually single handedly impact a city’s skyline. Pretty much every big city in the world has one so it only makes sense that these have become more and more reestablished as tourist attractions, becoming a part of a city’s culture and heritage.

Top 7 Unusual Attractions on the Water

There are many natural water attractions that you can find around the world, at the same time it is interesting to see how people managed to turn water to their advantage. Enjoy this list of unusual water attractions.

8 Things You Need To Know About Navratri April 2019

Indian festivals and holy celebrations are among the most significant events in the country. All quarrels are forgotten, special food is prepared, and Hindu gods and goddesses receive the attention of the people all across India. Needless to say, this spring’s Navratri is also going to be big and exciting as it marks the ending of spring and the beginning of truly hot summer days. Here are 8 things you need to know about Navratri April 2019.

8 Fascinating Reasons Why You Need To Celebrate Indian Holi

Holi, the world-famous festival of colours, is a sight you will never forget. Bright clouds of powder dye thrown into the air, the cheering of the crowd, loud music, dancing, laughing, water guns with coloured water – this is what you’ll see during Holi wherever you go!

9 Breathtaking Places You Should See In India Before You Die

India is a place of magnificent Himalayan views, ancient temples, legendary ruins, and sacred grounds that have existed for hundreds upon hundreds of years. It’s a country that houses huge modern cities like Mumbai and Bangalore along with picturesque beaches, scenic hill stations, and exotic islands. Even an experienced traveller will have a hard time choosing where to go first…

6 Most Stunning Spring Destinations in the World

Spring is a magical time of year when everything is in bloom, the weather seems to have the perfect balance between hot and cold and there are not many tourists around. Check out the list of stunning spring destinations which will be perfect for a short getaway as well as a great holiday destination.

Kyle Huber Has More Original Vacation Photos Than You Do

Kyle Huber uses a very simple trick to instantly turn holiday pictures into something unique and cool. Through his excellent use of perspective, he sort of “interacts” with the background of whatever he’s taking a picture of, immediately making the scene look ten times more dynamic.