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10 Richest States in India 2019



One of the largest nations and democracies of all time, India is an amalgamation of beautiful landmasses, each with their own cultures and economies. And as the nation is growing, so are these individual states. But since the growth among them is not always equal, we’ve have charted out the top 10 that currently have the best running economical position.


It is tough to outright define which state is “richer” than the other, as there are multiple aspects to look into. But for the purpose of simplifying matters, we have chosen two primary denominators of “richness.” The first being the GDP (gross domestic product) i.e. the state’s annual income, and the second being their economic progress.



1. Maharashtra
With its capital Mumbai being called the economic capital of India, Maharashtra tops this list with its extensive IT industries, as well as many more outside of IT. The current GDP of Maharashtra lies at INR 25.35 lakh crore, and the state has been experiencing constant economic progress.


2. Uttar Pradesh (UP)
One of the highest statistics in India, UP current has a GDP of INR 14.46 lakh crore. It is the most populated state and therefore has the most number of working hands, which lends to making it one of the most widely developing states.



3. Tamil Nadu
The star jewel of Southern India, Tamil Nadu is known for its historic temples and amazing culinary cuisine. They are also one of the most advanced and literate states, with many calling them a “model state.” Their current GDP lists at INR 13.39 lakh crore.


4. Karnataka
South India is easily one of the most developed parts of the country, and as such, the next position is filled by Karnataka, with a GDP INR 12.80 lakh crore. Bangalore or Bengaluru, the primary hub of Karnataka, is one of the fastest developing cities in the country and houses a massive IT industry.


5. Gujarat
Considered a holy state and also the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, Gujarat is one of the most impressive and highly revered states in the country. Their current GDP is INR 12.75 lakh crore and Gujarat is considered to be a very business-friendly state.


6. West Bengal
The heart of Indian renaissance and once the nation’s capital, West Bengal is the sixth richest state in 2019, with a GDP of INR 9.20 lakh crore. The infrastructural quality has drastically increased in recent times within Kolkata and its surrounding areas.



7. Rajasthan
The land of beautiful deserts, Rajasthan, currently comprises of a GDP of INR 7.50 lakh crore. Tourism is one of its major economic avenues, and Jaipur, one of the primary cities of Rajasthan, is also one of the most populated in the country.


8. Telangana
One of the most recently formed states, Telangana succeeded in separating from Andhra Pradesh and achieved their own identity. Being one of the fastest growing industrial hubs allows Telangana to enter this list with a GDP of INR 7.50 lakh crore.


9. Kerala
This country sitting on Malabar’s tropical coast clocks in at the ninth spot this year with its ever-growing fishing and farming economy. The current GDP of Kerala is INR 7.48 lakh crore.



10. Madhya Pradesh (MP)
Known as the heart of India due to its central location within the country, Madhya Pradesh currently holds a GDP of INR 7.35 lakh crore. MP has been achieving milestones in development as of late, and their GDP is set to spark even higher as the year progresses.




Hopefully, now you know a little bit more about the top 10 states that are taking India to an unforeseen, international economic level and turning it into a global superpower to watch.