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7 Places That Are Good For Your Soul


Today’s society is starting to pay more and more attention to the mental health of people, next to our physical health. We’ve seen loads of trends in the vein of things like mindfulness, that have taught us to be more in touch with our inner self and find some peace.


Some places on our dear planet are even seemingly designed or created purely to give the people there some peace of mind. Let’s take a look at some calm and remote places that can heal your exhausted soul.



Wulong County, Chongqing, China
This geological park in China has some of the most amazing nature you can find on this planet. It’s hard to not feel at peace when you’re walking in this place.


Faroe Islands
If you like mountains and an ocean view, the Faroe Islands is the best place for you to get some much-needed mental rest. Nature doesn’t get much more untouched than this.

Spitsbergen, Norway
If you’re more into snow, this lovely piece of Norway will get you the quiet and isolation you need. There’s barely any people here, so it’s just you, snow as far as the eye can see and a few local polar bears.

Kotisaari Island, Finland
This Finnish island literally cuts you off from the mainland. It’s entirely surrounded by water (as you’d expect from an island) and it only has very limited living accommodations. Perfect to be alone with your thoughts!

Meteora, Greece
This wonderful location in Greece put you on the top of the world. There’s not a living soul in sight, except for amazing mountain views with forests and rock formations that you won’t find anywhere else.

Swing At The End Of The World, Ecuador
In terms of “calming locations”, I guess this one really depends on how you feel about swinging over 2,5 kilometers above sea level. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, this probably won’t give your soul a lot of rest.

Lapland, Finland
Lapland is like having the perfect Christmas every day, without the stress of having to buy everyone gifts. Pure perfection.