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9 Ancient Man-Made Structures You Can Still Visit Today

Humans have been building things since the day one of our ancestors entered a cave to hide from the storm. Our ancestors have built some of the greatest structures of their era, and a great number of those buildings you can still see with your own eyes, thousands of years later!

12 Places in Egypt That You Need To Visit

Good news, ladies and gentlemen! Your flight to Egypt has been confirmed. The taxi has already arrived to take you to the airport and the driver is looking very impatient. Since you’re going to be spending about two weeks there, we suppose you should probably create an itinerary of things to do or something. Here are 12 places in Egypt that you’re totally going to visit.

10 Best Road Trips in the World

Who’s up for a road trip, people? Well, since the summer is over, probably most of you are cooped up in your offices or classrooms. But if you could, where would you go? What are the most picturesque routes in the world? These are the questions we have answers to.

15 Mysterious Places in India That You Need to Visit

Guys, India is a mysterious, magical land that most people know nothing about aside from the stereotype that it’s full of call centers and overflowing train cars. India is also a place full of super weird, cool places that are worth exploring. Here is a list of 15 that need to be on your itinerary.

The 10 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions in the World

Most people go on vacation because they want to forget about all their troubles. But then, of course, there is the particular breed of human that goes off to far flung places specifically looking for trouble. If that sounds like you, we should be best friends! If you are looking for adventure and are willing to accept the possibility that you won’t make it home alive, here are 10 tourist attractions that are right up your alley!

Top 10 Most Notable African Tribes

While modern society has affected their way of life to a significant degree, tribal affiliation still remains a great source of pride for the natives. With that in mind, here is a look at 10 of Africa’s most notable tribes.

10 Quirky Islands From Around the World

Many of us like to vacation on islands or even live on them. But the islands listed below are the ones which are still virtually unknown. Take a look at 10 unusual and quirky islands and you’ll see just what we mean!