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6 Mysterious Spots Hidden in Famous Locations

There are secret rooms all over the world, and many of them are hidden inside popular places and landmarks visited by a slew of tourists every day? Sounds great? Then let’s go visit 6 mysterious spots hidden in famous locations!

These Pictures Show Dubai And Abu Dhabi Being Retaken By The Desert

We all know that Dubai and Abu Dhabi have some of the most beautiful architecture, growing from a forgotten place in the middle of the desert into an amazing metropolis that evokes awe whenever you see it. Sadly for Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the desert they were built in, isn’t too keen on keeping them around. It’s slowly but surely taking back whatever roads and buildings people built, and it’s creating some magnificent imagery.

14 Most Amazing Caves in the World

There are millions of mysterious and fantastic-looking places on our planet. From the gorgeous waterfalls, and mountain peaks, to underwater reefs and volcanoes. But, perhaps, the most wonderful places to visit in the wild outdoors are the caves. These underground cavities can sometimes look pretty majestic!

8 Life-Changing Getaways For Spiritual Seekers

You don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to get a life-changing experience, but it is still good to get a change of scene, explore exotic cultures and spend peaceful evenings high up in the mountains. There are also places that are considered special and highly spiritual, possessing some special qualities that are hard to explain with words, you can only go there and experience everything yourself. We present to you 8 spectacular getaways that will change your life forever.

9 Little-Known Stunning Natural Wonders

It’s hard to believe that all these incredibly gorgeous and unique places really do exist. The pictures you are about to see have not been altered in Photoshop, and you can actually visit these places. It’s true what they say: seeing is believing, so prepare those peepers! Here are 9 little-known stunning natural wonders!

Travel Destinations All Bachelors Want To Visit

There’s this thing that guys do that I was never a part of, and it revolves around traveling to places where you can … indulge in whatever base need you require. There’s no culture or adventure involved, it’s essentially going to a place where clubbing...

Luxury Rumors About Dubai That Aren’t True

Dubai is a city that fascinates people all around the world. The imagery we get to see of this magical place is nothing short of impressive: folks are rich, they’re technologically advanced and they all live the life of kings. But is it all true?