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If You’re Feeling Poor, Try Visiting These Countries Instead


Currency is a wonderful thing. Where one currency can leave you with a mere thousand, an other currency will give you over a million. Why? Because exchange rates are a thing. I have no idea why or how they work, but they’re out there and they can help pretty much everyone become a millionaire instantly. In fact, in certain countries, we’re already millionaires! Hurrah! Let’s all grab a plane and get going!


No, seriously. Let’s go be rich someplace. I’ll let you pick the final destination out of the countries below.



While a dollar will only get you 19 pesos, it’s still a pretty decent deal to increase your wealth 19-fold by just moving to Mexico. Trump should’ve used this in his “how do we stop Mexicans” plan.



If you really want to be rich, go to Indonesia. One dollar in the US will get you a whopping 13513 rupiah in Indonesia.

Sri Lanka
This place has amazing nature and one of your US dollars will net you a decent 153 rupees. Not the rupees from Zelda, for the record. These are an actual currency.



Costa Rica
I’ll admit the irony of having a country in this list that literally means “rich coast” does not escape me. One dollar here would get you 569 colones. Yes, their national currency is named the “colon”. I think that joke pretty much made itself.

One dollar will only get you about 6 Croatian kune, but you’d be in one of the most beautiful countries of Europe. Win some, lose some.



One dollar gets you a solid 4059 Cambodian riel. It’s not a top scorer on this list, but it’d only take you 250 bucks to become a millionaire.

While Thailand always seems like one of those poor countries, a dollar will only get you 33 Thai baht. The more you know.

Another top scorer here. A dollar gets you 5643 Paraguayan Guarani.



A US dollar gets you 22727 Vietnamese dong. Yes, that’s the name of their currency. Yes, it’s utterly hilarious. No, I won’t literally make the joke, you’ve already done it in your head. I have standards.

And last but not least, a US dollar will get you 267 Hungarian forints. That’s not too bad.