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8 Most Incredibly Beautiful Lakes in the World


Lakes are the embodiment of the most prominent features of water: beautiful landscapes, soul-soothing calmness, and incredible reflections in the water. These reservoirs go in all kinds of shapes and forms – from small ponds to huge freshwater lagoons, sometimes even so huge that people mistake them for seas.


Lakes are hugely dependent on the climate, geology and people living nearby. These are the factors that contribute to the preservation of their unique features and picturesque beauty. Since there are millions of magnificent lakes in the world, you most likely live near one of them, but some lakes are simply breathtaking.


Here are 8 most incredibly beautiful lakes in the world!



1. Moraine Lake, Canada
If you enjoy hiking, Moraine Lake is a perfect location for you. Take the Rockpile Trail for example. It’s a 300-meter-long patch usually full of tourists. All because of the most popular location in Canada – Rockpile’s peak.



2. Melissani Cave, Greece
Known as the Nymph’s cave, Melissani is one of the most gorgeous lakes in Europe!

3. Pink Lake, Australia
Ah, Australia, the land of weird things. Would you be surprised to hear that even lakes are unusual in this upside-down hell? Look at the colors, they are unnatural, but definitely worth witnessing.

4. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
This amazing national park in Croatia is a real looker. All those road snaking through the park, are like a labyrinth. A really easy labyrinth.



5. Lake Bled, Slovenia
That building you see there is a 17th century church devoted to the Assumption of Mary. Definitely worth visiting!

6. Lake Louise, Canada
Lake Louise in Canada is a perfect spot for meditation, thanks to its sapphire waters surrounded by stunning nature. Just imagine taking a boat to the middle of that lake… Pure bliss!

7. Lake Powell, Utah
Somewhere between Utah and Arizona lies the spectacular Lake Powell. Thanks to all those cool cliffs and other unusual rock formations surrounding the lake, it’s one of the most Instagrammed location in the US!

8. West Lake, Hangzhou, China
Just… look at this landscape. Take it all in. Now imagine practicing Tai Chi on the shore with the local people, listening to an old crackling Chinese radio, and just enjoying life!