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8 Most Underrated Global Destinations to Visit in 2018


Whenever someone’s going on a vacation, it’s usually one of three big types of destinations. First is the always-sunny beaches with cold cocktails and hot ladies all around you. Second one is culture-heavy trips to places like London, Rome, or Paris, where you can snap a picture of your companion with a local point of interest in the background. The third one, my favorite, is when you stay at home and sleep for 10 days straight, so you can endure another 6 months of your awesome job.


What most people don’t realize is that there’s a fourth option – the underrated destinations that combine at least two of the above-mentioned types. Places like South America, Middle East, Asia, and… Finland. Summer is here, and many of you are considering where to go for your annual vacation, so why not go off the beaten path and try out one or more of these 8 highly underrated destinations? I’m sure you’ll have tons of fun! Here we go…….



1. Ecuador
Ecuador definitely has something for everyone. The coast is filled with great beaches and access to the Galapagos Islands, the Andes Mountains are there, and a huge tropical rainforest is smacked right in the middle. If you’re not into nature, there are also a plethora of cities, offering 5-star service and luxurious amenities! Quito, Ecuador’s capitol, has spring like weather year round due to its high altitude but placement near the equator.



2. Paraguay
Paraguay’s wild nature is mostly untouched, and there are many national parks on the area known as the Chaco Plain. In Asunción, there are zoological and botanical gardens, that became a home for over 100 species of animals. If you’re into extreme sports, Paraguay has got you covered – zip-lining, rafting, rock climbing, horse riding tours and mountain tourism. Pick your poison.

3. Colombia
The sun always shines directly above Colombia, as it lies on the equator. Among other things, this beautiful land has unforgettable beaches, archaeological ruins, jungle and Amazon safari, mountain hikes, whale watching, as well as deep-sea diving.

4. Finland
Depending on whether you’re visiting Finland in winter or summer, you’ll get two completely different trips. One will be dark as your ex’s soul, and the other one – light and bright like your future GF! Enjoy the nature, the friendly local folk, and don’t forget to partake of the Finnish cuisine!



5. Iran
A trip to Iran is like a deep dive into the unique atmosphere of ancient Persian cities, where hundreds of years ago Zarathustra’s followers preached about… whatever they were preaching about, and the ruthless leaders ruled the deserts. Take a walk through the luxurious oriental markets of Isfahan and Shiraz, filled with the nose-tickling aromas of saffron and cardamom and you’ll never want to leave.

6. Zanzibar
For most travelers Zanzibar is still terra incognita, although in recent years this island has become a popular, accessible and interesting resort. Zanzibar is also one of those destinations that are suitable for daredevils and adventure seekers who are all about jungle walks, island tours, windsurfing, and kite-surfing… Zanbibar has a romantic ring to it – it sounds like a place Humphrey Bogart would have traveled in a 1940-ish movie. That said, it’s also for today’s casual traveler who wants a quiet, cozy vacation.

7. Taiwan
All year round tourists come to visit the island of Taiwan for various reasons. Some can’t wait to see the national parks and reservations, which occupy up to 20 percent of the island’s territory. And others are all about that unique architecture… Oh, there’s also food, of course! Let’s not forget that.

8. Egypt
I’m fairly certain you’ve heard a lot about pharaohs, mummies, the Sphinx, the pyramids, and the deadly curses hidden deep within them. I’m just gonna tell you that Egypt is astonishing, even if a bit too overcrowded with tourists. Still to this day the Land of the Pharaohs remains one of the most underrated travel destinations for everyone except Europeans. So go get your piece of the Giza Pyramid – you might run into a present day Indiana Jones!