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Luxury Rumors About Dubai That Aren’t True


Dubai is a city that fascinates people all around the world. The imagery we get to see of this magical place is nothing short of impressive: folks are rich, they’re technologically advanced and they all live the life of kings.


But is it all true? Well, of course it’s not. It says so in the title of this article. Anyway, let’s lift the veil off of some of those nasty lies people have been telling you about Dubai.



Dubai is the capital of billionaires
Actually, most billionaires live in Beijing. And second place is New York. So it’s not Dubai!



Dubai is a country
It’s an Emirate, and it’s part of the United Arab Emirates. It’s not an actual country – it’s not even the capital of the UAE! That’s Abu Dhabi.

Police In Dubai Only Use Luxury Cars
While they do have quite a few luxury cars in their garage, they use “modest” cars too – even Toyota brands! They simply need to have sports cars because, well, it’s what the local residents have.

Mainly Locals Live In Dubai
While it seems like quite an exclusive society, Dubai is actually only 9% inhabited by locals. That’s not all that much. That’s actually less than most European cities have foreign inhabitants.



They Owe Their Wealth to Oil
Actually, Dubai is a place of pearl divers – and quite accomplished pearl divers, at that. Persian Gulf pearl jewelry is one of the most expensive of its kind.

Dubai Only Has Skyscrapers
Well, the pictures we mainly get to see are ones of skyscrapers. They have regular houses just as much, though. It’s very much a city where the real estate landscape can shift dynamically if you go a few miles in the same direction.

Dubai Has No Poverty
The average wage in Dubai is only $200-$300, so many people have to live together to rent an apartment. Their cheapest mobile data package is $30 a month, so it’s a very expensive country to live in!

They Keep Exotic Animals As Pets
This is actually against the law in Dubai. You can get thrown in jail for it. Most of the local population that have pets, keep a cat.