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6 Mysterious Spots Hidden in Famous Locations


What is it about the hidden rooms that gets us all giddy? Is it the fact that we may find something cool inside? Maybe it’s just about exploring the unknown… And what if I told you that there are secret rooms all over the world, and many of them are hidden inside popular places and landmarks visited by a slew of tourists every day?


Sounds great? Then let’s go visit 6 mysterious spots hidden in famous locations!



1. Niagara falls – Evil spirit cave
There’s an ancient Indians’ legend that the cave near Niagara falls is the home to an evil spirit, and to prove their courage, the Seneca warriors would enter this cursed place and hope to survive. It is said that the walls of the cave amplify the rumbling of the Niagara, thus creating powerful sound effects that used to bring the Seneca to their knees. It’s basically like a huge speaker of some sort!

2. Abandoned Island in Disneyland
Have you been to Florida’s Walt Disney World? And did you know there’s an abandoned island somewhere inside? To be fair the people from Disney have stated that they have grand plans for that island in the nearest future, but for now nobody’s allowed to set foot in there… I wonder why.

3. Central Station – Padiglioni Reale
It’s crazy to think that every day over 300,000 people go past one of the most luxurious waiting rooms in the world. That’s right, in Milan’s Stazione Centrale railway station, there’s a Royal Waiting room just a few doors down from the main entrance, and it looks stunningly beautiful.

4. Radio City Music Hall – S.L. Rothafel’s secret apartment
Somewhere inside Radio City Music Hall there’s a secret room that belonged to Samuel ‘Roxy’ Rothafel, and has been untouched since 1936. You can see how luxurious this apartments really is, just look at the gold ceilings, wooden furniture, marble everywhere, and even a shower with 12 jets! Wish I had a room like that.

5. Crystal Palace station, London
Crystal Palace is one of the stations that were closed during the World War II for the fear of collapsing under the air raids. But it didn’t. It’s all there, safe and sound (for the most part), and you can even visit it today! Some say it will be renovated and reopened in the next few years.

6. National Library of India — Ghost room
National Library of India in Kolkata is like a blast from the colonial past. I have no idea why it’s abandoned (or at least it seems that way), but there’s a secret room in there that very few people knew about. It was dubbed the “Ghost room” for decades because there was no way to get inside there. One day, however, the walls fell down, and people saw what was inside… which was absolutely nothing, except for some building materials. Ghost room busted, I guess!