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8 Tips to Prepare You for Your Next Trip to Japan

There’s more than a rising sun in the Nippon. Visiting Japan can be your immerseful trip to another world due to its standards in culture. This beautiful country offers convenience, humility, and respect towards its inhabitants and visitors alike. Check our list to see what awaits you before the 2020 Olympics or your next booking confirmation.

9 Most Unusual Festivals Of India

India is a land of ancient legends, beautiful garments, spectacular gods, delicious foods, and dozens of breathtaking festivals to reflect all that. Some festivals have become popular far outside of India like the famous Holi festival that has people throwing different dyes at each other, yet others are less known and far more unique. Here’s a list of 9 most unusual festivals of India you need to see at least once.

8 Incredibly Bizarre Places Around the World

Earth has a plethora of unique places you can visit but some of the most memorable and unusual ones are generally found in the less explored areas. Grab your travel bags, because we’re about to go on an unforgettable journey through the most incredibly bizarre places around the world!

9 Most Beautiful Crater Lakes In The World

Crater lakes are a weird natural phenomenon. As the name pretty much suggests, it’s a crater that has, over the course of many years, formed into a lake and filled up with water. Not only is it a rare thing, it’s also gorgeous to look at.

10 Annoying Habits of Tourists

Traveling abroad should be a perfect opportunity to soak in a culture, enjoy different cuisine, and remind yourself that the world is an amazing, diverse place. Unfortunately, a lot of tourists engage in annoying and frustrating behaviors that give all of the well-meaning travelers a bad name. Do you live in a city that sees a lot of tourism? Do they ever drive you nuts? Here’s a look at 10 common problems that tourists create.

10 Safest Countries in the World to Visit

For this list, we’re looking at the safest countries in the world based on such factors as crime rates, political stability, civil order, and how cute pop music sounds in their language. That last one is a lie. Anyway, enjoy!

9 Amazing Beaches in India to Visit in 2019

When people plan a beach vacation, countries like Greece, Brazil and Australia often come to mind. But if you’re looking for a ridiculously affordable getaway and an opportunity to experience some remarkable cultural diversity, India should top your list. Most of these beaches are fairly relaxed and quiet, which makes them suitable for families and those who want to get away from human civilization.

The 8 Most Popular Bikes On Indian Roads

You know that the most popular form of transportation in India is a bike. It’s fast, it’s cheap and it’s perfect for the dirt roads. Let’s take a look at some high-end bikes that you’ll see a lot on Indian roads.

8 Places in the World that Look Like a Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderlands only exist in fiction or in the Christmas song of the same name where you laugh and you play the Eskimo way, right? Think again, pal! The world is full of incredible winter paradises that you need to put on your travel list. Because we want your holiday season to be festive and jolly, here is a list of eight places around the world that feel like a real winter wonderland.

16 Most Awesome Giant Buddha Statues From Around The World

Buddha is a fairly unique religious symbol in the sense that he’s been the centerpiece of a religion for pretty much the longest of all the modern deities. If you want to spend your next holiday traveling the Earth for some of the best Buddha statues you can find, take a look below.

9 Insanely Dangerous Tours You Can Still Do Today

Traveling is usually associated with fun, adventures, relaxation, but some tours are more extreme. So if you ever wanted to feel the adrenaline rushing to your head while you’re kayaking with the blood-thirsty hippos or trying to figure out if this one mushroom you picked up near Chornobyl will kill you or make you grow a second head, you’ll surely appreciate these 9 insanely dangerous tours!

8 of the Weirdest Places On Earth

Earth is a weird place. It’s full of weirdos. It’s full of weird inventions like the Teddy Bear. And that weird dubstep music nonsense. But it’s also full of weird places that are also kind of cool to visit. Some are creepy. Others provide a unique experience that you can’t find anywhere else. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 8 of them.