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10 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Thailand


Thailand has always been a very popular travel destination – mostly because it’s cheap and has great nature – but how much do we really know about one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations?


If you’re planning on visiting Thailand next summer or this winter, here’s a couple of things you should probably be aware of. Or not, I can’t tell you how to run your trip.



People Don’t Stand In Line
Yeah, waiting patiently isn’t getting you anywhere in Thailand. Be assertive or wait forevermore.



Don’t Talk About The King
He’s like Fight Club. Remember the first two rules.

Don’t Trust Taxi Drivers
Some of them get a commission on attractions, so they’ll tell you another one is closed and lead you to the one that gets them extra money.



Stay At A Five Star Hotel
If you’ve traveled, you probably know this, but five star hotels aren’t held to the same standard everywhere. It’s actually quite affordable in Thailand, at about $100 a night.

Don’t Eat Off Your Fork
Eat off your spoon – you use the fork to push food unto the spoon and nothing else.



Most People Speak English in Bangkok
Don’t be afraid to ask someone for information – odds are they’ll be able to help you.

Watch The Shoes When Visiting Temples
Some temples require you to take off your shoes so watch what everyone else is doing.

The Worst Time To Go Is April
That’s when Thailand is at its most humid, which is pretty unbearable for most people.



Don’t Touch People On The Head
While this is good advice for life in general, this counts for Thai culture specifically. They consider the head sacred so touching it is very disrespectful.

Mai pen rai
The “Mai pen rai” phrase means “don’t worry” or “everything is OK” and it’s a perfect representation of Thailand as whole. So, just relax and take everything easy!