The 10 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions in the World


Most people go on vacation because they want to forget about all their troubles. But then, of course, there is the particular breed of human that goes off to far flung places specifically looking for trouble. If that sounds like you, we should be best friends! If you are looking for adventure and are willing to accept the possibility that you won’t make it home alive, here are 10 tourist attractions that are right up your alley!



1. The Danakil Desert, Eritrea, Ethiopia
It’s hard to imagine why anybody would want to spend a vacation in this literal “Hell on Earth” where temperature can reach 120F (50C) and volcanic eruptions that spew deadly gases into the air are everywhere. But it happens. However, if you think you’re going to manage to travel there solo, think again. The Eritrean government doesn’t cotton to your particular brand of crazy. It’s only possible to go there with an experienced guide.



2. Yosemite National Park’s Half Dome, California
Looking to laugh at Death in the face? This is the place to do it. It takes an entire day to climb to the top and can burn as much as 10,000 calories, which sounds great if you are into fitness. But major problems arise when you reach the last 400 feet, which is nearly vertical and requires the aid of metal cables while climbing slippery rocks. More than 60 people have been killed attempting this.

3. Sinabung Volcano, Indonesia
Interested in witnessing a real volcanic eruption? Fine with the idea that the next unpredictable eruption could straight up murder you? Then feel free to put Sinabung Volcano on the Indonesian island of Sumatra on your itinerary. In 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, eruptions covered entire villages in ash and ejected deadly clouds of volcanic gas into the atmosphere. The next violent eruption could come later today for all we know.



4. Elephant Kingdom in Chonburi, Thailand
Goodness, this sounds like some kind of enchanted Disneyland attraction, doesn’t it? But with fewer friendly cartoon mice and a whole lot of dangerous…um…crocodiles. Yeah, we were thinking that sentence would end with “elephants” too. Anyway, the crocodiles are free to roam the waters and will even leap up and snap their jaws as the tourists feed them meat from a small semi-closed raft. Some of the tourists will even tease the hungry crocs by dangling the meat out and then bringing it back at the last second. It’s been said that trolls are particularly delicious.

5. Madidi National Park, Bolivia
This place looks pretty freakin’ sweet. At least that’s what the murderous plants want you to believe. Madidi is host to some of the most dangerous fauna in the world, and contact with them can create all sorts of health problems and even death. Oh, and if you are unfortunately enough to nick your finger during the trip, it will mostly likely become infected by tropical parasites.



6. Skellig Michael, Ireland
If you’ve seen the new Star Wars trilogy, you will know this as Ahch-To, the remote island planet where Luke Skywalker scurried off to because his nephew Ben’s journey to the Dark Side made him feel super sad! But anyway, in real life it’s located in Ireland and if you go there you might just die. That’s because the 1,000 year-old steps are super crumbly, slippery, and lack rails. Add to this the strong winds that will literally blow you away. Sometimes the ocean waves are far to treacherous for you to even make it onto the island in the first place. It is probably a sign that you should just spend your vacation at home watching Netflix instead.

7. Valley of Death, Kamchatka, Russia
From the pictures, this place doesn’t look that bad. But that’s because technology today doesn’t allow you to breath in a location’s poisonous gases via photography. At least not yet. The valley of geysers in the area spew up all sorts of toxins that make the place uninhabitable to plants and animals alike. In other words, the perfect place for an introvert who is also shy around vegetation.

8. Praia De Boa Viagem, Brazil
When people go this picturesque coastal destination in Brazil, they expect to lay out on the beach, catch a few rays, and soak in the beauty. But from the perspective of the sharks that live in the shallow waters, Praia De Boa Viagem is the best place to catch a bite. Between 1992 and 2012 there were more than 50 shark attacks, with around ⅓ ending in fatality. Pass a shark self-defense training course before you come is what we’re trying to say.



9. Bikini Atoll, The Marshall Islands
With an island named Bikini, you would assume it must be this amazing paradise full of hot girls and plenty of beach volleyball and refreshing piña coladas. Nope. However, if you’re cool with taking cancer home as a souvenir, this is the place for you. A nuclear testing ground for the US military in the 40s and 50s, more than six decades later the island still has areas with high levels of deadly radiation.

10. The Kokoda And Black Cat Trails, Papua New Guinea
Where to even begin, guys. First, this 60 mile (100km) trail between the northern and southern coasts of Papua New Guinea involves 10 hour-a-day treks that include hiking mountains, swimming, and walking through hot, steamy jungles full of wild animals, leeches, and natives who aren’t always very friendly. And malaria-carrying mosquitos? You better believe it!
Oh, and you have to carry all of your supplies with you since it’s not like you’re going to find a Burger King or Wal-Mart along the way. Dehydration and broken bones are pretty common, so bring plenty of Gatorade and some spare bones, we suppose.