7 Reasons To Visit Siberia Before You Die


Let’s take a look at some reasons why Siberia is your next travel destination. Or the one after that. Just visit it sometime, really. It’s not that bad.



It Doesn’t Have Many People
Don’t you just want to go on a holiday with no one bothering you? Siberia’s the place to be!



It’s Cold
Hot weather is overrated! I’ll take a freezing cold any day of the week!

It Has Amazing Nature
That’s because there haven’t been enough people there to ruin the natural elements present there.

They Have The Longest Railroad In The World
It’s called the Trans-Siberian Express – why wouldn’t it be? – and taking the journey from start to finish can take you at least a week.

You Can Ride The Ice On A Kart
Like Mario Kart, but without the shells and the fighting each other. Actually it’s not very much like Mario Kart at all.

They Have An Ice Golf Course
Well, more like *the* ice golf course, since most golf courses are on grass. Professionals on site will guide you through the 18 holes of freezing fun!

They Have The Largest Freshwater Lake On Earth
It’s called Lake Baikal or the “Pearl of Siberia”. And if that’s not cool enough for you, you can ride a hovercraft over it when it’s frozen. Considering how cold Siberia is, that’s quite often!