9+ Facts About India That Will Make You Want To Visit It Immediately


If you’re hesitating to visit India, because you heard some bad stuff about the dirty streets, unsanitary conditions in hostels, and the overall poverty, you should stop that! I’m going to prove to you that India has more positive aspects than negative, just you wait.

For that I’ll use some curious facts about this extraordinary country, which will hopefully change your mind.



1. Delicious food
First things first, you’ll be hungry when you get there, so is it safe to eat local food? Heck yeah it is, and it’s delicious, although, rather spicy! Even if you tell the food vendor you don’t want the “hot kick”, you’re still gonna get it. So carry a few water bottles on you at all times. You can also eat raw veggies and fruits, but that may upset your tummy. Oh, and don’t freak out about the plates. People there usually use things like banana leaves, because they’re cheaper and Eco-friendlier than plastic plates.



2. Transportation
Second thing you’ll definitely need to use is transportation. Getting from point A to point B on your own two feet is possible, but why don’t you try out the 5-star Maharajas’ Express Train – the most luxurious train in Asia! When it comes to street cars, it’s total chaos. There are no rules and your only chance to take a turn is to honk like crazy.

3. Bollywood!
In case you didn’t notice, Indians are vastly talented when it comes to acting, singing and dancing. In fact, India produces over sixteen hundred movies every year, which is a lot more than any other country.

4. Unique animals and plants
Animals are very important in India, and not just the cows. You’ll get a chance to ride elephants and camels, and if you go out on an expedition to the jungle, you’ll see hundreds of unique animals out there, not to mention the flora. 30% of all plants growing in India can’t be found anywhere else in the world.



5. Alcohol and other drinks
India is one of the biggest whiskey-chugging countries in the world, despite alcohol being a forbidden drink. It’s going to be hard to find some booze, but not impossible. However, alcohol is far from the best drink you can get in India. Try masala chai sometime, it’ll change your life!

6. Dancing in the moonlight
Yeah, Indians love their dances! Like with many other cultural activities, every move has a symbolic backstory, almost. Some represent animals, other – emotions and people. The dance called Bharatanatyam is over 5,000 years old, for example.

7. The land of islands and sunken ships
Aside from having 8 gorgeous islands with supreme beaches, there are also a lot of shipwrecks sprinkled around the ocean floor. Those are the real magnets for the divers from all over the world. So in addition to getting some fantastic tan lines, you can also dive deep into the ocean and uncover a secret hidden shipwreck. Maybe you’ll even get to keep those Spanish doubloons as a souvenir.



8. Ancient ruins
In India you can find many ruins from the days of ancient kings. In Hampi, for example, you can visit the remains of ancient cities, and temples, each built in a different architectural style from all known eras of human history. Tourists are always swarming this landmark like crazy.

9. Some random curious facts
– Shaking your head means “yes”.
– Due to the overwhelming heat, people start their work days at 6 AM
– Eating on the floors is okay even for the wealthiest families.
– Shake hands only using your right hand. Your left hand is considered to be “dirty”.
– Mobile services are extremely cheap in India, so you can get a decent monthly plan for as little as $2.
– Weddings in India can consist of 300 to 1,500 people, and the guests are not limited to be only friends and family. Often even tourists and random local citizens are welcome to join in on the party. Probably not for free, though.