10 Best Road Trips in the World


Who’s up for a road trip, people? Well, since the summer is over, probably most of you are cooped up in your offices or classrooms. But if you could, where would you go? What are the most picturesque routes in the world? These are the questions we have answers to.


Here are the 10 best road trips in the world!



1. Route 66 – Illinois to California
Route 66 isn’t just a road that goes through 8 states, it’s also a hell of a fun drive from Chicago to California.



2. Causeway Coastal Route – Northern Ireland
The Land of Ire has some great spots to offer to anyone brave enough to stay awhile. The 120 mile-long Causeway Coastal Route will get you from Belfast to Londonderry. Probably the best place to visit along the way would be the Giant’s Causeway.

3. The Atlantic Road – Norway
Sure, 8 km does not sound like much, but with all the ups and downs, this exciting drive along the Norwegian coastline will give you all the thrills of a rollercoaster, plus the added bonus of admiring some delightful landscapes.

4. Geiranger-Trollstigen – Norway
Fjords… fjords everywhere! If you’re a mountain person, this is the one route you need to take. Along the way you’ll see the Geirangerfjord, a National park, and of course the Atlantic Road also known as “the construction of the century”.



5. Great Ocean Road – Australia
Imagine 150 miles of blissfulness, just riding along the coast of Australia. Say hello to the kangaroos and drop bears when you see them! One of the many highlights on this route is a fantastic 200 feet high rock pillars known as the Twelve Apostles!

6. South Island Circuit – New Zealand
If you thought the previous trips look amazing, wait till you see what New Zealand has to offer! It’s like a tropical heaven in there with all the lush forests, and mountains. You’ll have around 6 days to see all the attractions like Arthur’s Pass National Park and Wanaka, the best lake resort in the world.

7. New York City to Niagara Falls
On the one hand there’s the Big Apple with its countless coffee places and weird people, while on the other hand there’s the gorgeous Niagara falls. This trip of 460 miles will give you numerous occasions to stop and smell the roses near the Hudson Valley, Albany and Syracuse.



8. Stelvio Pass, Italy
Time to visit Europe again, but no fjords this time, I promise. The Stelvio Pass is quite fun, but you’ll have to put your driving skills to the test. Yes, it’s only 15 miles long, but the 60 sharp turns and the 9000 feet long climb will keep you on your toes.

9. Hana Highway, Hawaii
This 64-mile long stretch of road is truly legendary. Known as the Hana Highway, this route will be a real doozy for any inexperienced driver. The road bends left and right about 600 times, so you’ll have all the time in the world to make some life-changing decisions, all while staring at the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.