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India’s Top 8 Adventure Travel Destinations


India is a country so versatile, you can spend years travelling around it and still not see all the hidden nooks and beautiful sceneries it has to offer. Nevertheless, some places have gained immense popularity, especially among adventure-seekers and thrill-lovers. Apart from traditional hiking, swimming, and climbing, there is a wide array of adventure destinations with the most different settings. From the spectacular Spiti Valley to the camel rides of Rajasthan, here are India’s top 8 adventure travel destinations.



Go from Shimla to Leh by motorcycle
There is hardly anything more adventurous than conquering the Himalayas on the back of a bike. Leh is among the most beautiful places in the world, but the road leading to eat is equally gorgeous! Hop on a bike and experience the most spine-chilling adventure ever!


Stay in an Ashram in Rishikesh
Adventurousness can be of different kinds, so if you are more of a spiritual seeker then Rishikesh is a perfect place for you as it is packed with beautiful ashrams offering yoga classes and meditation courses. If you’ll still want to get a bit of an adrenaline rush, then river rafting is there for your entertainment.



Fly like a bird in Mysore
If you’ve ever dreamed of flying in the air with no support whatsoever, then head to Mysore for the skydiving experience of a lifetime. Mysore’s blue skies and lush greenery are an ideal setting to spread your winds and fly like a huge bird.


Explore winter mountains on the Chadar Trek
If simply going out there and hiking in the mountains doesn’t really do it for you, then how about heading to Leh during winter? Chadar Trek is relatively famous among the crazy adventurers, yet most people wouldn’t dare dive into the cold temperatures that can go as low as -30 degrees.


Experience diving in Andaman and Nicobar islands
The Andamans are home to some of the oldest and rarest indigenous tribes in the world as well as a place with clear, pristine water that is perfect for snorkelling. Here you will find a wide range of water activities that will make you want to stay in the ocean forever! Exploring coral reefs and beautiful basalt formations is just a few of them.



Go surfing in Kovalam
When you think of India surfing is usually not the first thing that comes to mind, but you’ll be surprised to find out there are places where you can ride some pretty decent waves and have as much fun with your board as you want. Head to Kovalam in the south of the country to surf or learn surfing in one of the local schools. It is also a good starting point to explore the southern part of India that is packed with amazing touristic goodies.


Fly on an air balloon in Jaipur
Exploring India on a hot air balloon seems like something out of a fairy tale, yet it is absolutely possible in the picturesque state of Rajasthan. Head to Jaipur or Pushkar, hop on an air balloon, and go high up into the sky to enjoy the mysterious dessert views and beautiful Rajasthani architecture from up above. You can also take camel rides and go deep into the dessert for a truly unforgettable one-of-a-kind experience with bon fire and local food.



Roam around the Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley is simply breathtaking and that’s all you really need to know about the place. Just go and explore what it has to offer! With its alpine meadows, monasteries, and small villages, Spiti Valley offers a great variety of activities ranging from trekking to mountain biking and yak safaris. Yes, you read that right!