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8 Most Fascinating Monasteries Of Ladakh


Ladakh is a truly unique place as it is packed with all kinds of beautiful temples, stupas, and monasteries. Perched high up in the mountains, surrounded by cold air and breathtaking scenery, the monasteries of Leh Ladakh seem to be out of this world.



Diskit Monastery
You must have heard of the picturesque Nubra Valley which is a must-see when you’re travelling in that region. To make matters even more interesting, there’s a huge monastery with gorgeous statues of Buddha and the spectacular mask dance ceremony.

Thiksey Monastery
Run by the people of the Yellow Hat, Thiksey monastery is located at the height of around 3500 kilometres. It is home to a vast collection of Buddhist books, art, swords, stupas, and Thangka paintings. Thiksey monastery also houses one the biggest Maitreya Buddha statues ever.

Stakna Monastery
Stakna Monastery is located in the most breathtaking place we’ve ever seen. The monastery offers the one-of-a-kind view of the Indus valley. Inside you will find beautiful statues of deities and some intricately painted artworks depicting Bodhisattva.


Phyang Monastery
Perched high on top of a hill, Phyang Monastery has some of the most unforgettable views ever. It is also home to a 900-year-old historical museum featuring ancient guns, all kinds of Chinese weaponry, and intricately made thangkas. The Sacred Dance Festival is a must-see when you visit Leh Ladak.

Phugtal Monastery
If you’re a fan of attractions off-the-beaten-path, then Phugtal Monastery should be your number one travel destination. It is the remotest of all Ladak monasteries, and the most mysterious one. Built right at the entrance into a cave, the Phugtal monastery is a perfect place for meditation and spiritual practices.

Hemis Monastery
No visit to Ladakh is complete without going on a trip to the beautiful Hemis Monastery. Built in 1672, it is one of the wealthiest Buddhist monasteries ever. It features a huge copper Buddha and numerous stupas prepared with gold, silver, and precious stones.


Spituk Monastery
Spituk Monastery, located around 8 kilometres from Leh, offering shelter to more than 100 monks. It’s a real heaven for those wishing to learn more about thangkas as the monastery houses a wide collection of them, along with ancient masks that are used during annual festivals.

Lamayuru Gompa
Lamayuru Gompa is a monastery built in a real moon landscape known as Moonland. The area around resembles a barren moon landscape indeed! The monastery is located far enough from the main town so you can have a quiet experience as well as try some delicious meals right inside the Gompa.