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The Most Famous Clock Towers In The World


Clock towers are amazing feats of architecture. They’re built to be looked at – hence the big clock on them – and they’ll usually single handedly impact a city’s skyline. Pretty much every big city in the world has one so it only makes sense that these have become more and more reestablished as tourist attractions, becoming a part of a city’s culture and heritage.


Let’s take a look at some famous clock towers, just in case you want to go on a city trip anytime soon.



Rathaus-Glockenspiel – Munich, Germany
This clock – as the name kind of suggests – isn’t just an ordinary clock. Every day, an hour before noon, this clock starts a small play that shows medieval stories lasting about a quarter of an hour. It’s surely quite a sight to behold!



Prague Astronomical Clock – Prague, Czech Republic
It sounds like a clock you can’t read and it looks like one too! This clock is surprisingly still operating despite being built in the early 1400’s and it’s one of the oldest clocks in the world that’s still operating today.

The Savior Tower – Moscow, Russia
The Russians aren’t exactly known for modest architecture and this tower is no exception to that rule. Next time you’re in the Red Square, you should check this clock tower out. It’s been there for almost 400 years, it’s earned a bit of attention.

Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel – Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Leave it to these guys to take an architectural concept and take it up a notch. This tower is freakishly huge – almost 2000 feet – and has an amazing clock on every side of the building.

The Zytglogge Tower – Bern, Switzerland
This tower has been pretty much everything (including a prison) before they finally decided on turning it into a clock tower. It’s still standing today, after giving people an indication of the current time for about 6 centuries.

Big Ben – London, UK
We all know the Big Ben, right? I doubt there’s much new I could tell you about this one. And with the upcoming Brexit, now is probably the best time to visit the UK while you still can.

Rajabai Clock Tower – Mumbai, India
This Indian clock tower might not be the biggest one on this list with a height of less than 300 feet, but it’s surely one of the prettiest. This gorgeous tower is a part of the university campus in Mumbai, so be sure to check it out if you ever go study there.