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Top 10 Travel Destinations in Asia



Asia is a great place to discover. It is very easy to realise that no place is the same as another whilst there.



Bali, Indonesia

If you are looking for paradise, Bali can be one of the places to fill the gap. Its tropical forests, magnificent beaches, challenging waves attract a trendy crowd from around the world. In Bali you can visit hundreds of temples, find your inspiration from local food and simply relax. Bali will fit anyone – from beach goer to nightlife maniac.


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the city which never stops. In Tokyo, you can experience fast paced life full of technology, supported by unbelievable art and culture. Notable places are The Tokyo Skytree (the tallest tower in the world), The Tokyo Museum and many food markets. To top that – visit in spring and enjoy Sakura blossom.



Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi perfectly combines colonial architecture and modern city development. The nature is very picturesque with gorgeous sunsets and peaceful pagodas. Visit this city to fall in love with Vietnamese cuisine and enjoy great views.


Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal is the gateway to the highest mountains in the world. Ancient temples and shrines, colorful streets and handcrafted rugs, busy streets and overwhelming smells – a perfect combination for any experienced traveller. From a backpacker to a comfort traveller, anyone can find something that will excite them here.


Hong Kong

As the place where the Umbrella revolution started, Hong Kong welcomes you with an iconic skyline, top cuisine and an atmosphere of freedom. Even though HK is officially part of China, the western influence has fully changed its appearance.


Goa, India

An ultimate beach escape, Goa is the place for hedonists. With endless beaches, welcoming sun and pleasant waves, many people visit Goa for spiritual sanctuary as it is said to be the place to find your Zen. For a food lover, Goa offers a wide variety of spices and exotic dishes to try every day.



Bangkok, Thailand

Known for its nightlife, Bangkok will greet you with golden temples and a crazy city life. Street food is a must-have as you can try genuine Thai food and many weird snacks on the local markets. This place will puzzle you with its contrasts – huge shopping malls will neighbour traditional Thai houses. These small things make Bangkok a great place for urban exploration.


Singapore, Singapore

This city-island-country will surprise you with its highly technological development. One of the safest places in the world, Singapore has very strong laws as well so be aware when you travel. Singapore is famous for its tech green gardens (including Botanical Gardens) which transformed the city from a concrete jungle to a modern green forest.


Seoul, South Korea

The hometown for many world’s largest companies, Seoul will surprise you with its fascinating mix of old and new. Very similar to Japan, however, full of unexpected places. Skyscrapers, high-tech public transport fight for attention against Buddhist temples and cozy gardens. And you should definitely hit the karaoke.



Shanghai, China

This city is a true reflection of modern China. Being the financial centre of the whole country, at the same time Shanghai is full of tradition and history that you can enjoy. Make the best of your visit by visiting iconic places like Shanghai Tower and The Bund, The People’s Square and local markets. The nightlife is a great way to experience the city’s crazy tempo.