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12 Amazing Mountains You’ll Want To Visit


There’s nothing that quite compares to being on top of a mountain and literally looking down on the world. And logic dictates that in this kind of situation, a higher mountain would lead to a much better view.


Let’s take a look at some of the tallest mountains that you can visit to get an amazing view on the world. You’ll probably have to climb a bit, though.



Mauna Kea
In Hawaii, you can find the Mauna Kea that stands 4200 meters tall. It’s truly a beautiful thing to watch, and it’s in Hawaii – that should be reason enough to go there.



Ras Dashen
This mountain is the biggest one in Ethiopia and it’s slightly over 4500 meters high. And you’ll get to enjoy the amazing nature that the African continent has, so this is the perfect trip location.

Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc is – famously – the tallest mountain in the European continent, standing a decent 4800 meters high. Its name is literally translated as “white mountain”, which probably explains the huge snowy tops you can find there.



Klyuchevskaya Sopka
The Kamchatka region in Russia is a home to many high mountains, but this 4750 meter volcano is the best of them all – also the tallest. It’s an active volcano though, so you should probably bring those lava protection boots.

Pico de Orizaba
This 5600 meter lump of gorgeousness can be found in Mexico. It’s one of the highest mountains in the entire Northern American continent, so it’s definitely worth a visit!



Mount Kinabalu
Malaysia isn’t exactly famous for its amazing mountains, but it should be. Kinabalu is the biggest mountain they have there and it’s a wonderful feat of nature, standing tall between the trees.

Mount Kilimanjaro
Most famous for being in the “Africa” song by Toto, mount Kilimanjaro stands 5900 meters tall and is the biggest mountain on the African continent.



Pico Bolivar
This amazing Venezuelan mountain stands nearly 5000 meters tall. As you’d expect from a mountain that size, it has a permafrost top and it’s an amazing vantage point to watch your surroundings.

Mount Everest
Climbing this 8800 meter behemoth might be a bit of a struggle, but it’s totally worth the view you get. It’s the tallest mountain in the world, so the view gives the biggest payoff.



Puncak Jaya
Even the wonderful Indonesia has tall mountains! Their biggest one, the Puncak Jaya, can be found in the Papua province and is almost 4900 meters tall.

A volcano might not seem like a great trip location, but an inactive one that’s an awe-inspiring 6300 meters tall should be a pretty sight to behold, right? Visit Chimborazo in Ecuador today! Or tomorrow, whenever you want.



This Argentinean mountain is almost 7000 meters tall and is one of the most beautiful mountains of the Andes range. It’s also the biggest mountain in the entire American part of the world.