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Kyle Huber Has More Original Vacation Photos Than You Do


Taking a good vacation pic seems like the hardest thing in the world, doesn’t it? Either it’s out of focus or the light isn’t hitting the beach exactly right, or you’re just making a bland picture because you have no idea what looks cool and what doesn’t. Kyle Huber doesn’t have that problem. Kyle Huber does holiday pictures the right way.


Whether he’s hugging a Ferris wheel, hanging off a waterfall or interacting with a companion in the background, it makes his pictures look fun, light and amazing.



I love you, ferris wheel!



I love you too, Coachella ferris wheel!

Hugging the Notre Dame should be on everyone’s bucket list, really.



If you’re gonna hug a church, you need to hug a Chinese temple as well. Gotta keep the religions at equal footing, it’s the rule.

He uses a very simple trick to instantly turn holiday pictures into something unique and cool. Through his excellent use of perspective, he sort of “interacts” with the background of whatever he’s taking a picture of, immediately making the scene look ten times more dynamic.



Even nature has curves worth appreciating every now and then.



Holding up someone’s hammock is the ultimate sign of friendship.

This simple effect of lining up his arms with the sea level is super awesome.



It’s also awesome during the day! And take a look at how nicely those colors from the ocean and the sea blend together.

You should follow Kyle, if for no other reason than to get inspired for pictures for your next trip.



Hanging off waterfalls is just one of the many things I do when I go on vacation.



Please kind sir, don’t crush me!

Save me from falling