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6 Most Stunning Spring Destinations in the World


Spring is a magical time of year when everything is in bloom, the weather seems to have the perfect balance between hot and cold and there are not many tourists around. Check out the list of stunning spring destinations which will be perfect for a short getaway as well as a great holiday destination.



1. Sakura blossom in Japan
Thousands of tourists worldwide head to Japan to enjoy the magnificent scenery of blossoming cherry trees – sakuras. Pink flowers bring a lot of joy to everyone around the world making this place Instagram worthy and also great place to spend a romantic holiday with your other half. For something extra, view cherry blossoms at night enjoying the great atmosphere of nearby restaurants with delicious food and picturesque views.

2. Almond blossom in Morocco
Most people imagine Morocco as very dry desert place. Even though Moroccan markets and Sahara tours are very popular, Tafraoute’s Almond Blossom Festival is a fabulous event to visit. Located in an oasis amongst mountains and grassy landscapes, this peaceful village turns into lively place full of music, dancing, traditional food and Berber folklore. Originally the village was attracting visitors enjoying the blossoming almond trees, now it’s also a great place to experience Moroccan culture.

3. Turtle-hatching at Galápagos Islands
Even though March is the end of warm season in this tropical climate, sunny days are still plentiful and many exciting animal activities make this a unique place to visit. Turtle-hatching is a truly amazing view as thousands tiny hatchlings head out to the sea trying to survive. Most of the action happens at night so you have to plan your stay carefully to see this view. As a bonus, you can witness the return of the waved albatross from Peru.

4. Tulip season in Netherlands
April is the perfect time to visit Netherlands as tulips are in bloom and you can take fantastic photos of the bright color landscapes. This sight is so popular that most souvenirs resample tulips: keychains, cups and even tulip bulbs to take home. For great views, you will need to head out of the cities and a enjoy day out in the countryside.

5. Damask roses blossom in Oman
Every March Oman bursts into bloom as Damask roses begin to flower on the Green Mountain. There are multiple farms which specialise on producing rose water which is well praised among perfumers around the world. Why not experience the whole process for yourself and make rose water the traditional way with the help of local a farmer. You can bring some of this fragrant liquid home enjoying its numerous benefits for your hair, skin and digestion.

6. Salt flats in Bolivia
If you’ve heard of the mirror lake and the surrealistic photos taken there, the place to enjoy is Bolivia’s famous salt flats. You can start your trip from different destinations and include such things as volcanoes, flamingo lagoons and endless deserts. Salt lake scenery is breathtaking and a great experience for any traveller. Why not enjoy your trip in a 4×4, but don’t forget that you will be high above sea level and will need some time to adjust.