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Top 7 Unusual Attractions on the Water


There are three things you can watch forever: Instagram feeds, Youtube videos and water. While the first two might not be important for most people, water is definitely something no one argues about. There are many natural water attractions that you can find around the world, at the same time it is interesting to see how people managed to turn water to their advantage. Enjoy this list of unusual water attractions.



Bangkok Floating Markets
There are many floating markets where goods are sold from boats. The most popular ones are in Thailand, Indonisia, Sri Lanka and India. While modern markets are more popular, floating markets still are a huge attraction for local tourism. Any visitors can purchase local foods and traditional handcrafted souvenirs. Bargaining is a part of experience so start low and get the price you are ready to pay.

Badeschiff Swimming pool
Badeschiff can be translated from German as ‘the ship for bathing’. This swimming pool is located in Berlin on the river Spree. From here, you can enjoy a unique panoramic view of the river, the Oberbaumbrücke and iconic TV tower. The area around the swimming pool has become a recreational area and offers lots of activities throughout the year – from yoga on the beach under the summer sun to music events in winter. Badeschiff is definitely worth visiting when traveling to Berlin.

Bregenzer Festspiele (Opera festival)
The Bregenz Festival is held every year from July to August in Vorarlberg. It has the world’s largest stage on the water. The performances are different every year but they are usually united by one theme. The decorations are very impressive and are worth seeing.

Viva, Artificial Island
Artificial islands are not something new and are very popular in Dubai. What makes this island unique is that it is floating. Viva is the largest out of three islands accompanied by Vista and Tera all situated in Seoul, South Korea. The island weighs 2,000-tons and is technically a buoy. The island unfortunately is not carbon-neutral but it has solar panels which helps to power the convention hall, restaurants and arcades.

Marina Bay Floating Platform Stadium
This stadium was built as a temporary solution while Singapore National Stadium was rebuilt. The stadium was used for different sporting events, concerts, festivals and even parades. The stadium was used for the opening and closing ceremonies during 2010 Summer Youth Olympics. It has a capacity of 30,000 people which was successfully used during The Formula One Grand Prix event.

Archipelago Cinema
Archipelago Cinema is probably one of the world’s most picturesque open-air cinemas with the added attraction that it floats in the middle of a lagoon. The cinema was designed by German architect Ole Scheeren who built it using techniques popular among local dwellers. This cinema stage was built specially for film festival Film on the Rocks Yao Noi and unfortunately was demolished soon after. Let’s hope it will be recreated soon.