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8 Hollywood Love Triangles Gone Wrong

Nothing good ever comes of infidelity, especially when we’re talking about celebrity love triangles. Their whole world is exposed, marriages get torn apart, and millions of losers on the internet judge them like they themselves wouldn’t pick Britney Spears over Shar Jackson.

8 Movie Villains, We Can’t Help But Love

Sometimes while watching a movie, we realize that the villains are so much cooler than the good guys that we forget the whole “evil is bad” axiom, and we stan those bad guys as hard as we can.

Top 9 Strongest Celebrity Bromances

The term “bromance” originated sometime in the 1990s and is often used to describe a strong friendship or bond between men. The sturdiest bromances are usually created between male celebrities who once worked together and have since been able to develop and maintain their strong friendships.

Top 9 Most Surprising Celebrity Divorces

A celebrity’s life may often seem like a dream, but in reality, it is far from it. They not only fall in love, but also fight, reconcile, and sometimes their paths go in the opposite ways for no particular reason.

10 Celebrity Best Friends Who Met On Set

A lot of the time when we watch movies or TV shows we like to think that the actors who play best friends on screen are also besties in real life. However, today we’re going to share with you some celebrities that met on set and actually become best friends in real life.

9 Movies Brad Pitt Ruined

Brad Pitt is a great actor when he wants to be and when he puts in the effort. During his long career in Hollywood, he got to play some amazing parts and did a great job. But he’s been in some bad movies too, and this list is just a reminder that not every movie can be saved by Brad Pitt being in it.

7 Supporting Actors That Stole The Show | Brain Berries

7 Supporting Actors That Stole The Show

Supporting characters usually get a bad rep. They’re often dismissed as a necessary evil and characters that hang around for no other reason than to carry the plot forward. Sometimes, however, supporting actors knock it way out of the park. They completely own their character and steal the screen every time the camera’s pointed at them.