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9 Hollywood Actors Who Love Showing Off Their Gray Hair


While some actors cover their silver mane, like, for example, Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler, others flaunt it like it’s nobody’s business. Some of these stars can actually pull off that look, and some — not very much, but, in any case, they all deserve our respect for not bending under Hollywood’s heavy standards.

Here are nine actors who love showing off their gray hair.

1. Steve Carell

In 2017, Steve Carell appeared in front of the fans with completely gray hair and a beard. Steve once said that there was nothing he could have done about it and that he was tired of people judging him for his looks, ignoring his acting talent. His recent project “Spaceforce” is a great proof that Carell is amazing no matter what he looks like.

2. Matt LeBlanc

Thanks to the series “Friends,” Matt LeBlanc, or rather, his character, the charming Joey, has become a sex symbol for a whole generation. After all these years, LeBlanc can still make a woman’s heart beat faster, despite being a bit overweight, having wrinkles around the eyes, and rocking gray hair.

3. Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan decided that in addition to the gray hair on the sides, he should also grow a thick and Gandalf beard. I have to say that, although the beard has changed him beyond recognition, Brosnan looks simply amazing for his age.

4. Richard Gere

Even in “Pretty Woman,” where Gere was only 40, the actor is already sporting some salt and pepper. And now, when his head is basically a snow-white mane, Gere has somehow become even more charming.

5. Ben Affleck

Affleck jokes that he didn’t have a single gray hair until he took over directing “Argo.” But most likely, it was due to alcohol, his divorce from Jennifer Garner, and playing Batman. Yeah, that last one is definitely to blame. Ben took the first signs of the coming old age with dignity and did not hide them under wigs or paint.

6. George Clooney

I have to say I can’t remember George Clooney without gray hair. He began to turn gray at 33, and initially, he tried to fight it, but several years later, Clooney decided that it was no use to pretend like he’s still young. Wouldn’t you agree that the silvered temples and ash stubble are a damn good look for him?

7. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt somehow went from the “sex symbols” catalog to “mature handsome men over 50” bookcase. For many years, it seemed as if Brad was not going to grow older — similarly to his character Benjamin Button, but time is something we have no command over. Apparently, an emotionally exhausting divorce from Angelina Jolie rattled him so much that gray hair started sprouting from his head. Still, he looks badass.

8. Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is proud of his gray hair and doesn’t even think about changing or covering it. The producers of the third Indiana Jones movie asked Ford to dye his hair, but he refused. What’s so bad about having a few silver hairs here and there? And today, Ford’s head is almost entirely white.

9. Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo is a rare Hollywood actor who seems like an absolute hoot to hang out with. Nowadays, he’s best known for his portrayal of Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk in the Marvel movies, and as a comic book nerd, I can’t wait to see Maestro on the big screen. For reference, Maestro is an old (and gray-haired) version of the Hulk from another reality. We’ve already seen some white specks on the Big Green in “The Infinity War,” so here’s hoping!